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How to make 2018 the year of Workplace Wellness

 The new buzz words are in and workplace wellness is in the top…

It’s here everyone, the buzz words for 2018 are ‘ Workplace Wellness ’ and ‘ Mindfulness ’. It’s all about taking stock of your surroundings, your health and ultimately your mental well being. A kind of “stop to smell the roses” initiative, if you like.

Companies across the UK are now looking at ways to boost mindfulness and ensure staff are happy, healthy and aware; from workplace design through to team building and wellness activities. The problem is even being recognised quite significantly by the government; that’s pretty serious.

Within workplaces it has become clear that as workloads get busier and people get swept up in the rush, it becomes easy to lose track of how we truly feel, both in our minds and our bodies. So, it’s time to start reconnecting with ourselves and experiencing thought provoking and tactile, physical sensations – deep stuff, right?

So…where to start?

We know, to many people out there reading this blog, there will be quizzical look and wondering how you are supposed to even get started on what sounds like a journey to enlightenment. Don’t sweat it, it’s really not as complicated as it sounds!

There are some strong contenders to get you started and a host on online resources to guide you.  from implementing workplace wellness initiatives such as breathing and meditation exercises to stress-buster team building and wellness trips.


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What can we do to help?

Here at The Events Company we have seen a surge in these enquiries for stress-busters and moral boosters; from indoor team building events such as quiz nights to outdoor team building events like our ever-popular It’s A Knockout event. Another trend that is rising up are bespoke corporate wellness trips; a big gesture that is having an incredibly positive impact with our clients!

So, what are you waiting for? Time to turn your sights inwards and ensure you and your staff are mindful and focused on workplace wellness.

Want to learn more about mindfulness?

Check out the NHS site for some great tips on mindfulness and to run a quick mood test for you and your staff here

Some in-depth mindfulness exercises that you can run on your own or in groups here

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