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Unique Team Building Activities London for 2019

The Events Company has been hosting unique and innovative team building events in London for over 15 years. All designed to engage, motivate, inspire and above all excite.

London is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cities in the world, offering a wealth of landmarks and unique venues, it’s a perfect destination for team building activities and incentive events. As a team building specialists in London, we create bespoke events and unique experiences for all size groups to create a truly memorable occasion.

Whether you are looking to reward your team or celebrate a company milestone, London offers unique opportunities, unlike any other city. Why not explore from the river Thames with our River Blast experience followed by a GPS treasure hunt around various landmarks or our movie making event Lights, Camera, Action.

Alternatively, enjoy a unique tasting event with our ‘Taste of Britain’, exploring the popularity of English sparking wines, artisan gins and ales. With the history of chocolate in the UK dating back to 1657, it’s no surprise that London is a thriving paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Offering luxury chocolate tasting experiences with a glass of Prosecco in the heart of London all hosted by expert chocolatiers. You will learn all about the world of chocolate and the different variations of cocoa and methods that influence the flavour and texture, making your London experience all the sweeter.

Looking to spark up some creativity in your staff? We can come to your offices or local venue and host interactive animation workshop to promote your company values or message in a light-hearted manner that promotes engagement, creativity and collaboration.

If you’re seeking to strengthen your team’s problem-solving abilities, enhance communication or just to think outside the box then our TV inspired crystal maze challenge is the key. Just like the show, participants require a wide range physical and mental abilities to earn crystals for that extra time in the crystal dome!

Stuck for space? A mobile escape room experience could be the key. Working as a well-oiled machine, your teams will race to crack the code and solve a series of fiendish puzzle boxes to unlock the final box in The Enigma Games.


Our top 10 team building activities in London

 #1 Animation Workshop London 

Our animation workshop can be fully tailored to suit your business outcomes and provide an engaging, animated production.
We can animate your company values and or business message in a fun-loving, clear and concise way. Not only do your teams engage in creativity, teamwork and collaboration, but they are also rewarded with an animation that can be utilised in the workplace.


#2 Beat The Cube 

Will your team accept the challenge and work against the clock to Beat The Cube? The latest addition to our myriad of team-building events.
Inspired by the hit TV show The Cube we have developed our own unique version of the game show. Contestants work in teams to complete a series of frustratingly simple and nail-biting challenges.


#3 Challenge 100   

Our indoor team building activity ‘Challenge 100’, is a fast, furious and fantastic variety of physical, cerebral and fun team challenges! Competitors must attempt to solve as many team challenges in just 100 minutes.


#4 Crime Scene Investigation 

Our CSI team building event gives teams the chance to see if they have what it takes to be a real investigator. We’ve brought the show to life with real forensic techniques and a head-scratcher of a crime to solve.
If you want to take people right out of their comfort zones and throw them a whole bag of curve balls, look no further! This event is a fun, thought provoking and brilliant team bonding experience that can be enjoyed by people of any ability.


#5 Crystal Maze Challenge 

Our Crystal Maze event is a firm favourite, which has been specifically designed as a fun and engaging team activity. Teams must compete against the clock to solve the cryptic clues and master the physical challenges in the themed zones to win crystals.
Each of our challenges draws on different attributes including communication, logic, co-ordination, problem solving and time management. For each challenge, teams are awarded crystals depending on their performance. The more crystals the teams earn, the more time they have to grab a fistful of golden tickets in the crystal dome finale!


#6 Company Sports Day   

Our ‘Back To School Sports Day’ is a great team building activity that can be tailored to suit your group and objectives. A perfect event to take advantage of the greener parts of London and get your team a breath of fresh air.
Take a stroll down memory lane as we take you back to your school sports day, complete with Headmaster to enforce the rules!


#7 Enigma Games   

Enigma is the ultimate mobile escape room experience and team building game. Working together, teams must figure out who the double agent is by cracking a series of codes and ciphers to break into the box and work their way through the containers inside. Each container has a unique escape-room-style challenge which teams must solve in order to open the next. Will your team find the mole?


#8 Gameshow Mania   

Our quiz show event ‘Gameshow Mania’ is an exciting fun filled interactive quiz show that features a medley of some of the UKs most famous and loved TV Gameshows, a blast from the past. This event provides great evening entertainment for corporate events and provides guests with the opportunity to be a TV contestant for the evening!


#9 It’s a Knockout 

Our hilarious It’s A Knockout games are a classic favourite designed to challenge a team’s range of skills through a series of physical games requiring agility, balance and a good bit of old-fashioned team spirit!


#10 Lights, Camera, Action  

Lights, Camera, Action is a fun-based movie making event that brings out your teams’ creative flair. Fitting perfectly around a conference or meeting, this event can also follow into a dinner with an Oscars style awards ceremony to top it off and give the attendees an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the fruits of their labour.


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