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Everyone can be a true hero with our superhero party events

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our latest event theme coming to you; Superhero Party!

Let us paint you the scene as you enter your superhero party … a skyline backdrop lining the room, lit up with hero symbols depicting the most famous of them all. Tastefully placed around the room, a variety of poseur tables and chairs in the guise of toxic waste barrels or ghostly transparent, all your favourite superheroes and villains greeting you and your guests and posing for memorable photos.


Superhero party


As the event progresses there are a variety of stunning acts from magic to spectacular stunts to capture the imagination and enthral you in the world of heroes and villains.

This is our vision for our latest (and possibly greatest) themed event!

Themed parties have been ever popular throughout the years, whether they are designed to be topical and play on current trends, immerse you in nostalgia or inspire you; these events have always left guests breathless.

In keeping up with the latest trends, there is one that has been hitting the screens harder than any other over the past years – superhero films. From the gritty, dark struggles of a rising hero to the incredibly fun-loving protagonists chancing through outrageous scenarios; they have captured the hearts of the public. It’s easy to see why our superhero party is swooping in to save the day!

With a wide variety of hero props, costumes, acts and settings to mix and match to your heart’s content you will never be stuck for choice with our superhero party events. It can be applied to gala dinners, award nights, indoor games, team building events and almost any event you like.

If you love the idea of this event or would like to learn more about what is included please enquire here or check out our other ever popular themed events!

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