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Top 7 party inflatables popping up this summer

We all remember those summer days, taking a trip to a country pub as a kid and spotting that brightly coloured structure that has you racing for it at full speed – kicking off your shoes in the process of course (we aren’t animals) – we are talking about the most classic of party inflatables; the bouncy castle!

It’s not just the kids who go crazy for them either, people of all ages are still onboard with the undying trend for party inflatables. From inflatable assault courses to inflatable runs, companies around the world are finding these delightful structured bags of air and joy to be the perfect team building, fun day and incentive activity to get staff motivated and engaged.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of ours and our clients favourite party inflatables for you to judge for yourself!

#7 – Ball ponds

Think of it this way; bouncy castle meets ball pit, what do you get? The answer is crazy amounts of fun and the dream of every child who has ever experienced either of them! The ponds feature a large bouncy area and is full to the brim with multi-coloured balls – hours of fun for all children aged 3+.

#6 – Helter Skelter

Towering above all attractions, this inflatable Helter Skelter sits at a dizzying 28ft!  This is fantastic as a centre piece to any fete or fun day and bound to grab the attention of adults and children alike.

#5 – Foot Darts

Take a giant darts board with Velcro on it, add footballs wrapped in the corresponding Velcro and you get a brilliant, competitive and fun sport. Step up to the plate and take your shots if you think you’ve got what it takes!

#4 – Mega Slide

A fan favourite in the party inflates list for any summer fair, company fun day and occasionally the pubs upping their game from the traditional bouncy castle!

#3 – Bungee Run

Two competitors, strapped into harnesses, nothing between you and your goal but some high performance bungee cord connected to your harness…who will be able to make it the furtherest down their lane to place their Velcro marker and become the champion…let’s find out. This brilliant game is perfect for any outdoor event and is sure to bring out the competitive side in anyone!

#2 – Human Table Football 

As far as party inflatables go, this one is a truly unique and different experience you may never have come across before. Take the classic game of table football – “fusball” – but make the pitch 30 times bigger, swap the sides out for inflatable walls and the plastic players for you and your team. That’s right, prepare for carnage as you go head to head with your colleagues in the most unique football match of your life!

#1 – It’s a Knockout

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the king of the party inflatables. Based on the incredibly popular classic TV show, It’s A Knockout sets out a collection of fantastic and unique inflatables to create a series of challenges to test your speed, dexterity, courage and most of all, your team spirit. From the ‘Budgie Go-Round’ to the ‘Nordic Skiing’ these challenges will have you flustered, crying with laughter and having a day to remember.

This collection of top party inflatables is by no means all there is out there in this weird and wonderful world of events but if you want to start your summer off with a bang then these are sure to help!

If you would like any additional information on any of the party inflatables mentioned in this blog, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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