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The Venue Is Your Stage

Any venue is a corporate playground waiting to be discovered.

Inspired by the words of Conor O’Leary, Gleneagles’ joint managing director in the C&IT article here, turning the spotlight on to a perfect example of how a venue you can take advantage of what their venue has to offer by looking at what you already have but in a different light.

When booking venues for meetings and events, too many see this as simply booking a room and maybe a nice dinner, forgetting that the whole venue is your stage and it should be used as such! This ethos has helped events agencies create truly outstanding and spectacular events in every location and venue imaginable.

It is vital for all parties – agents, corporates and venues – to recognise the potential of a space in order to truly optimise the event and explore the natural resources and characteristics available both onsite and offsite to drastically improve your offering.

An example from our own repertoire is Lights, Camera, Action – a team building activity where groups participate in writing, performing and editing together their own short film in order to win the top prize! This event can work in any venue or location, allowing for unique opportunities to produce amazing themed videos in any setting followed by an award ceremony to crown the best team. This is just one of many methods in which you can utilise any space to enable events to become even more memorable.

“We used to have a ‘keep off the grass’ sign; now we encourage people to use the grass – that’s what it’s there for. Even when it’s a corporate setting Gleneagles is a playground now.”

Just a simple change your venue and it opens a whole world of possibilities for you!

The message to take away from this is simply: for venues – to really take a hard look at what resources you have at your fingertips and how you can bring new flair to your property without the need for expensive overhauls. For corporate client – when considering your venue, don’t just look at your event as ‘a meeting room’, take in to consideration what other elements you can incorporate to make your meeting stand out and create a memorable event – if you’re stuck for ideas, just speak to the venues or reach out to an events or creative agency for inspiration!

The world is your playground, remember to think big and consider all the possibilities when creating your next event.

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