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The Best 12 Christmas Team Building Ideas and Activities

“Something new”, “something different”, “not the same as the last 5 year”. These are the kinds of things your colleagues, boss and fellow event organisers say every year. For this reason, you have to scope every corner of the web to find a brand-new gem to bring back – what a chore!

Forget the search this year – we have got your Christmas team building ideas and activities right here in a neat row. So put your feet up, grab a hot chocolate and have a scroll through these fresh, fantastic festive picks:


Christmas Team Building Activities | Christmas Cracker

#1 Christmas Cracker – What do you get when you bring together classic Christmas trivia and twist of team challenges? The most Christmas-y gameshow around. Perfect for Christmas lunch, gala dinners between courses or as a standalone event, this every will have your guest’s festive flags flying!


Christmas Team Building Activities | Enigma Games

2# Enigma Games – Looking to challenge your guests this year with a mind-melter of an escape room? Look no further. The Enigma Games will not only have your teams putting their heads together to figure out who the double agent is, it creates a beautiful opportunity for team bonding in an exciting and fast paced escape room experience.


Creative Team Building Activities | Lights Camera Action

3# Lights Camera Action – Get your directors chair out and the wardrobe ready because there is about to be a storm of brand-new festive films. This event will have teams creating their very own short movie packed with all the Christmas cheer, hilarity and professional content they can muster. Using professional grade lenses, lighting, recording equipment all made easy to use when hooked up to the latest iPads and software, your guest will have no trouble in creating an absolute masterpiece.


Christmas Team Building Activities | Quiz and Gameshows

4# Quiz and Gameshows – The finest selection of custom build quizzes to suit every occasion, these head scratching quizzes will test your teams knowledge to the max. Run by our lively and charismatic compere, you and your guests will be caught up in the competitive spirit! From Gameshow Mania; dedicated to that nugget of nostalgia we all hold in our hearts for the classic game shows to our highly interactive iPad quizzes, there is something for everyone this Christmas.


Christmas Team Building Activities | Themed Race Night

5# Themed Race Night – If you fancy a nerve-racking, edge-of-your-seat kind of event then you have found it! Take your staff to the races in our lively race night events – pick your horse, place your bets and they’re off! Guests can bet individually or as teams, usually denoted by the table they are sitting at, and are given fun money as the event opens.  The person or team with the most fun money at the end of the event wins the prize!

Want to give this event an extra edge? Consider riding the current trend sweeping the nation with our Peaky Blinders theming.


Christmas Team Building Activities | Sleigh Box Derby

6# Sleigh Box Derby – Based on the extremely popular Soap Box Derby event, this activity will have your teams swapping the F1 cars for a more tradition style of transportation and a larger, jollier driver. Build the ultimate sleigh, beat off the competition in the heats and see your sleigh and Santa be the one to save Christmas! Points awarded for creativity and having the best pit stop elves!


Christmas Team Building Activities | Challenge 100

7# Challenge 100 – Fast, furious and varied, is the best way to describe Challenge 100. You and your team have 100 minutes to earn the most points possible from our ‘challenge menu’ containing a huge variety of puzzles, physical games and mental challenges all with a range of points available to earn depending on the difficulty. Choose wisely and strategically in order to come out on top.


Creative Team Building Activities | Chocolate Workshop

8# Chocolate Workshops – Through passion and creativity, we will have you making and tasting incredible chocolate creations in no time at all. Working in teams, delegates will roll up their sleeves and get ‘hands on’ to produce finished packaged chocolates, along with a winning pitch covering their target market, branding, packaging, a killer slogan and a short radio jingle or TV advert.


Creative Team Building Activities | Cocktail Masterclass

9# Cocktail Master Class – A great way to entertain clients and staff. Delicious cocktails and amazing bar tending flair will have you entertained all night!  Our interactive cocktail games involve the whole group, getting everyone to learn new skills taught by some of the world’s leading mixologists, and above all, experience team bonding whilst having a great time.


Creative Team Building Activities | Crime Scene Investigation

10# CSI – If you want to take people right out of their comfort zones and throw them a whole bag of curve balls, look no further! The CSI team building event is fun, thought provoking and a brilliant team bonding experience. Using a variety of authentic forensic techniques, ingenuity and good old-fashioned teamwork, each team will be asked to work out how a crime was committed.


Christmas Team Building Activities | Millionaire by Midnight

11# Millionaire by Midnight – A fun team event that encourages collaboration and the competitive spirit whilst working as a team to earn fun money through a variety of fun and interactive games. The games can be anything from fun casino tables to virtual racers and alpine skiing! With such a huge range of games to compete in there is something for everyone in the sack this Christmas.

Creative Team Building Activities | Ice Carving

12# Ice Carving – Working in partnership with the UK’s leading ice sculptors, your group will be split down into small teams and given the task to create their own masterpiece from a solid block of ice. Given inspiration and guidance throughout the event each team will present their work and the end and our professionals will make the final judgement call on the winning design!

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