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Autumn Thought Series | Ed.3 Thank Your Employees

This week in our Autumn Thought Series we are asking…

What If I could thank my employees for what they have achieved?

The average working person spends over 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. This is a huge amount of time spent building, giving and working in their job roles. When your employees go over and above their roles, it is important to remember to thank your employees for the dedication they are offering.

Have your employees recently exceeded their sales quota, hit all of their KPI’s or continued to grow with a client? Do you regularly thank and reward your employees for what they have achieved?

Thanking employees also incentivizes others to work hard. This rewarding structure is known to be hugely popular in increasing productivity in the workplace. 

ANSWER: We suggest hosting a ‘Multi-Activity Day‘. Let your employees go wild with a day of motorised activities, country pursuits and outdoor fun!

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