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Plan A Christmas Party – Ultimate Christmas Parties

GREAT, so your starting your Christmas party planning early?

Good choice.

Now, we know its highly stressful and that you will be judged on this party for the rest of your career with your current employer, but thats okay, you’ll ace it! Well, that is as long as you read our top things to think about when you plan a Christmas party.

Plan a Christmas Party - The Events Company

It’s September, and now only …94 days until the big day! So to help you guys out, we’ve decided to pull together the top things you need to think about when planning your corporate Christmas party (and included pictures!).

Plan a Christmas Party- Top 10 things to think about

  1. Tip number 1 – Choose your party date: soon!


This year we are lucky to have 4 weekends to celebrate corporate Christmas parties because Christmas Day is landing on a Monday.

This means that it is socially acceptable to celebrate (technically) from the last week of November 2017!

Our most popular party dates are always Thursday and Fridays, but in recent years Christmas parties have been held throughout the week and even included weekend staycations for corporates! Just imagine, a family friendly Christmas party with crèche on the Friday, winter wonderland theming, presents, Christmas dinner, disco and dancing with your colleagues. Then wake up the next day to a tasty English breakfast and half day spa pass for you and your plus 1. All at the expense on your boss!

HINT: If you need help convincing your employer, give us a call on 0800 068 5707 and we can help!

Venues get booked up and are mostly fully booked by the end of October. So choosing to research how to plan a Christmas party now was a great choice! You now have a good window of time to ask us about our free venue finding service.

Or you could do it yourselves.

But it would take a while, and you don’t really have the time, do you?

This is why picking a date (or potential dates) is in our top ten tips for planning your ultimate corporate Christmas party in 2017!


  1. Tip number 2 – Find your perfect venue

Now choosing your date is important, and is equally important as choosing a venue. Availability will range throughout the country so keep your potential dates in mind when choosing your party venue.

Something to think about: Are you looking for a private party, or a joint celebration (aka joiner party)?

Not only are you competing with other corporates to hold your Christmas do, but you are also competing with charities, personal’s and wedding bookings! It’s a busy old time for our venues, so getting in there quickly is vital.

Plan a Christmas Party - The Events Company 2


Why not read our ‘Top 5 venues in the Midlands to hold your Christmas party’ blog for more ideas!


  1. Tip number 3 – Choose your theming & decor

Theming your Christmas party is the best bit.

Are you going traditional with a Winter Wonderland? Going back in time to The Roaring 20s? Or gambling your (fun) money in your private casino in Viva Las Vegas?

Either way, get your guests excited with an exclusive private party, with theming that will wow them!


  1. Tip number 4 – Activity choices

Thinking of running an all-day event? Or even just an afternoon activity?

Decide what you want to achieve with your day time celebration. Every year we deliver Christmas team building events for clients that tie in with their celebration evening party. It’s a great idea to combine budgets with the HR department and really create a bespoke day for your staff.

HINT: We have a great deal on at the moment for day time team building and evening quiz events. Call our team on 0800 068 5707 for more information. (Ask for Dannie to get the best deal and help plan a Christmas party!)


  1. Tip number 5 – Write a list of entertainment ideas

Corporate entertainment is somewhat of our specialism. After 15 years entertaining our corporate clients, we have gotten pretty good at it! So we give the best advice when it comes to entertaining your guests this Christmas.

Start by looking at the audience, young, old, male, female, sporting or techy? You have a lot to think about!

From meet and greet acts to circus, fire and water acts the opportunities are endless. And it doesn’t stop there! Here’s a quick list of entertainment you can think about;

  • Meet and Greet
  • Dance groups/ class
  • Magician
  • Pick Pocket
  • Alternative Waitresses
  • Light, Fire, Water shows
  • Bands and specialist Acts
  • Acoustics Groups
  • DJ/ Disco
  • Casino
  • Arcade Games
  • Indoor Games


  1. Tip number 6- Set yourself a budget


Your budget really does make a huge difference when choosing your Christmas party. But don’t be put off if your budget isn’t as high as you wanted it to be! Budget restrictions are just an excuse to become more creative when designing your event!

If you really don’t know where to start, here’s an example break down of costs for a small private party.

For 50 guests to enjoy a 3 course Christmas dinner in a 4* venue, with DJ and Disco to finish. Theming a winter wonderland with table centres, lighting, draping, props and décor, we would suggest a budget of £150 +VAT per person.

This is dependent on dates, location and menu choices.


  1. Tip number 7 – Guest always remember an event for the Catering

2 course, 3 course or 5 course?! BBQ, buffet or hog roast? Thinking about your guest demographic, what do you feel they would enjoy? Are you looking for a relaxed engaging meal or a formal sit down celebration? Or maybe a mixture of the both?

In the past we have run Christmas themed quiz nights in between set courses. This creates a great relaxed atmosphere for your colleagues, and adds a sense of camaraderie for newly formed teams or new members of staff.


  1. Tip number 8 – Invite your colleagues well in advance!

Invites? Surely an email will do!

Well, yes. But ensuring your colleagues have their ‘joining instructions’ when attending their Christmas party will ensure you aren’t bombarded with questions coming up to the day of the event. Joining Instructions usually include everything a guest would need to know about attending an event. We have created template joining instructions that you can copy and alter from our blog ‘here’. Go for it, its free!


  1. Tip number 9 – Source accommodation close to the venue (if not at the venue!)

Are you looking to provide accommodation when you plan a Christmas party

We always suggest to use on-site accommodation at the venue you are using the host the event. This ensures your guests are contained and do not drift off to the town bars! However, booking external accommodation may be needed if you use a venue without sufficient rooms.

Something to think about when you choose your host venue.


  1. Tip number 10 – Travel arrangements


When we plan a Christmas party, we always ask if guests will be making their own way to the venue.

If not, travel logistics such as trains, planes and coach transfers will be needed.


So there we have it; 10 things to think about when you plan a Christmas party! Obviously this list isn’t everything you need to think about, but it will surely help when you need to show off your party skills!

QOTD – What tips do you have when you plan a Christmas party? Comment below!

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