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Top 5 Jazz Bands Hire for 2017

Jazz bands bring the charisma and pizzazz to effortlessly entertain your guests, and today I thought we could look at my current top 5 jazz bands for hire and why their sophisticated style is proving so popular…


“It was an age of miracles,” Francis Scott Fitzgerald wrote of the Jazz Age. “It was an age of art, it was an age of excess, and it was an age of satire.” Fitzgerald was an American novelist, whose works illustrated the Jazz Age. With the most prominent film adaptation taken from his writing of ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Jazz is one of the few musical cultures that has absorbed this mantra and maintained its prestigious reputation nearly 100 years on. In this 21st century we are still enthralled by the musical ability to transport us to another era, making jazz bands a must have for the themed, the elegant and the most outrageous of events.

Who you might ask are my current flings?


  1. The Swing Smiths – My Personal favourite! Covering the classics to the contemporary, this jazz band bring the swing to all the feel-good anthems.

The Swing Smiths | Jazz bands for hire | The Events Company

  1. The Storyville Strutters – A 1920’s style ensemble bringing the oldest of memories to light, this trio relive the true jazz era.

The Storyville Strutters | Jazz bands for hire | The Events Company

  1. The Quartones – The perfect orchestral masterpiece for the dancers inside us all, these four gentlemen are sure to show you how to swing.

The Quartones | Jazz bands for hire | The Events Company

  1. Megan And The Bourbon Boys – Enough to captivate the most unlikely of folk, this quintet transport you to the most exclusive of performances.

Megan And The Bourbon Boys | Jazz bands for hire | The Events Company

  1. Alice in Jazz – An edgy version of the 1920’s style jazz, an alternate style for the younger crowds featuring a female lead.

Alice in Jazz | Jazz bands for hire | The Events Company

I advise anyone captivated by the Fitzgerald’s, ‘Great Gatsby’, movement to divulge in these must have jazz bands. Their orchestral talent and vocal performances are sure to impose a lasting impression on your guests! Call us at The Events Company on 0800 068 5707 to find out more and book your very own ‘age of excess’.

Written by Katie Griffiths

Lover of music, dog walking and Oreo Dairymilk. Katie works within our Events Team, specialising in Venue Sourcing and Corporate Entertainment


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