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It’s All About Video Content

Not so long ago, Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn suggested that in less than five years, Facebook “will probably be all video,” and that video is “the best way to tell stories in this world.”


It’s no secret that video has indeed witnessed huge growth in business for communication and collaboration over the past few years, primarily because it’s such a rich form of sharing information. As Ms. Mendelsohn said, it “helps us digest much more information.”


Video replacing text may seem a bit audacious, but think about it: now that video creation and delivery technology has made “video everywhere” possible and affordable, why settle for a less attractive, less powerful option? Storytelling is one of the most potent ways to engage with customers and employees alike, and video enables this like no other medium – short of being in the room with them.


We’ve all seen that what happens with Facebook soon bleeds into employee behaviours and expectations and from our own experience, with over 95% of our corporate clients requesting video content as part of their wider creative package in 2019 alone, we as a creative agency are already making the shift. Let’s face it, with Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit and others battling each other for the most engaging and popular video content to increase market share, we’d be pretty silly not to.


However, if anyone can tell me what TikTok’s all about when they have a spare moment, I’d be eternally grateful…


– Gary Blair, Creative Director for The Events Company

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