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Autumn Thought Series | Ed.2 – Change Management

This week in our Autumn Thought Series we are asking…

What if I could help with change management?

Businesses are constantly adapting and changing to suit the ever-changing commercial landscape. But while senior management strategically plan and implement innovative solutions to take their business to the next level, it is often lower level employees that are left to adapt to the changes.

Change management is a collection of structured activities held with your employees, to promote ease and reduce anxiety within teams during an organisational restructure or other business changes.

Often, during change management, businesses will come head to head with obstructions, therefore it is important that employees buy into the changes and participate in open discussions.

ANSWER: In order to facilitate change management, we suggest ‘a bespoke mental challenge’. The Events Company build many team building events to suit different business objectives. Change Management requires reflection, communication and collaboration. Encouraging team members to talk openly about their experiences can begin interesting conversations that can develop relationships between not only team members but senior management.

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