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10 ways to make your festival event better than Glastonbury

The sun is shining, wasps are invading picnic lunches, and BBC weather is forecasting a rain storm so it’s time for a festival event! British summer has finally arrived and that can only mean one thing- festival season is here! With Lovebox and Bestival on the way, music lovers across the country are packing their bags with sleeping bags and cheap booze, ready to dance the weekend away to their favourite bands. (Or trudge their welly-clad feet way through several miles of boggy mud- weather depending.)


Festivals might be associated with fresh-faced graduates looking for a wild party and an ill-advised fling with a wannabe rock star, but they’re also a great idea for a creative summer event. Giving your employees a chance to have some fun outside the office, there’s plenty of options for every budget. With so much competition from the big hitting festivals, how can you make your corporate summer event stand out from the crowd?


Choose the right space

When it comes to holding a festival event, location is everything. In addition to choosing somewhere with enough space, you’ll have to consider the logistics of getting there. A field in the middle of Lancashire might seem like the perfect spot, but if your guests spend an hour getting lost on the back roads or held up by a herd of cows, your event won’t have the same wow factor. Venue sourcing is your friend.


Serve stand out food

With so many fantastic caterers to choose from, there’s no excuse for serving your guests a soggy hotdog and a choc ice. People love great food, and if you choose a wide variety of fun food vans, you’ll be able to keep everyone happy whatever their tastes. Don’t forget to throw in quirky treat stalls with vintage sweets, flavoured candyfloss or build-your-own ice cream sundaes.


Don’t skip on the facilities

Traditional festivals aren’t known for their luxury toilet facilities- in fact it’s usually the opposite. To avoid a portaloo crisis and give your event that ‘glam’ factor, make sure you hire good quality facilities. Your guests will definitely thank you for it after that third Sauvignon Blanc.


Glamp don’t camp

If you’re hosting an overnight event, make sure you choose the right destination for your brand. With so many glamping spots now open across the UK, it’s important to choose somewhere that all your guests will feel comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.


Go all out on lighting

Lighting is a fun, budget-friendly way to give your event a major boost, and help you stand out from the crowd. From LED uplighters to party flame torches or simple solutions like a marquee full of fairy lights, there’s plenty of options to choose from to bring your party to life.


Integrate your brand and messages

Whether it’s branded cupcakes, company logos on the main stage or monogrammed wine as game prizes, there’s plenty of ways to integrate your company messages into the event. Don’t forget the build-up either- you can generate excitement about the company through inspirational emails and messages prior to the event.


Weather proof your event

Even if sunshine is forecast, the British weather has a habit of playing havoc with our plans. Rain doesn’t have to spoil the fun- just make sure you have plenty of entertainment options under cover. You can even provide company branded rain covers and umbrellas in the event of a torrential downpour.


Be creative

Reading and Leeds festivals might be dedicated to rock music, but when it comes to corporate events, it’s a good idea to reach a broader audience. If it’s a family fun day then face painting, balloon art and kids’ games always go down well. For an employee-only festival, try mixing up the entertainment with a combination of live music, comedians and circus acts.


Get staff involved

Staff engagement is a key part of any event, so get them involved during the planning stages. Whether it’s asking for their opinions ahead of the event or voting on the main entertainment, employees will feel more connected to the brand and ready for celebration if they’re made to feel like an important part of the event planning process.



It’s the buzz word in the events industry, but personalisation will be sure to put you ahead of the game when it comes to festival fun. From party bags to informal awards and personalised treats, it’s worth taking the time to make your employees feel special. Create a social media hashtag for your event and share staff pictures online during the event.


Ultimately, the goal of your festival event is to ensure everyone has a great time. Listen to your employees, decide what’s right for your brand and there’s every reason to think you’ll be topping the UK’s most famous events.

For more help, find information about how we run a festival event right here. Alternatively, a festival themed party can be just want you are looking for!


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