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The Lock Inn Virtual Pub Quiz

The Lock Inn Virtual Pub Quiz

While that 6pm tipple on the sofa marks a welcome end to another day of working from home, let’s be honest, it’s just not the same as heading over to the pub with colleagues for the traditional pub quiz.

Which is why we’ve built our very own virtual pub, ‘The Lock Inn’. Hosted by the Landlord and team of friendly bar staff, you and your workmates compete across five unique rounds ranging from ‘Movie Mayhem’, a unique take on the traditional ‘guess-the-movie’ theme to ‘Retro Rumble’ where you’ll get the chance to sing and dance your way through music from the 70s, 80’s and 90’s.


Join Jonathan, your Landlord and Host at The Lock Inn for a fast-paced, fun-packed race through five unique quiz rounds. Jonathan and his team of bar staff will help new players get set up and ready to compete.

Players will need two devices to play: A laptop, tablet or even smart TV to view the content and a smartphone or tablet to enter their answers.


With a variety of fantastic rounds and challenges to choose from, and the ability for players to compete as individuals or as part of a team, there really is something for everyone in this year-round virtual quiz.

The Lock Inn Pub Quiz comprises an exciting mixture of rounds and challenges including 'Movie Mania', 'Millennium Mayhem', 'Around the World in 80 Days', 'Frantic Frames' and the quintessential music round, 'Retro Rumble'.


We've developed our very own online platform which enables us to offer a completely unique online quiz experience.

Our virtual pub quiz platform allows us to invite players to compete either as individuals or as part of a team. It includes features such as an electronic scoreboard, a timer and online buzzer system, and is also fully customisable in order to incorporate your branding and sponsor logos.


Recent changes have led to the cancellation of many live events across the world, and with people being asked to stay home, performing artists have had to think creatively in terms of finding an audience.

Here at the Events Company, we've been busy sourcing the very best of what this new world of online entertainment has to offer in the hope of bringing a sense of colour, vibrance and dynamism to our online events.

So whether it's a live cocktail mixology session or a mind-bending illusionist performing tricks which simply defy explanation, we can offer a huge array of options that are sure to leave your guests beguiled, sometimes bemused, but always blown-away.


Now more than ever, it is essential that we acknowledge the achievements of our colleagues. Put simply, it feels great to be recognised for all our hard work and contributions, it helps us all to stay engaged, positive and motivated. And although capturing the buzz and excitement of an awards ceremony in the virtual environment throws up a set of unique challenges, this is no reason to forgo what is for many, one of the highlights of the year.

Combining beautifully crafted slide designs, green-screen technology and integrated video footage of presenters and award winners, we can deliver all of the drama and emotion you'd expect from this most prestigious of live events, guaranteeing in the process, a true sense of event and occasion.



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Our Virtual Pub Quiz event is designed to motivate, engage, inspire and entertain anywhere and everywhere.

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