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Giant Scalextrics


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Key Features

1-30 Guests

1-4 Hours

Competitive, Flexible Hire


This 8 lane Giant Scalextrics is undoubtedly one of the best tracks in the country. A fantastic tool for engagement.


Our Giant Scalextrics hire is suitable for corporate events, private parties, team building, promotional events, exhibitions and weddings. This event may start as ‘just a game’, but you can guarantee by the end of the session it has turned into a serious sporting event.

Quick Facts


  • 7ft x 15ft
  • Ideal room space 21ft x 15ft

Installation Details

In order to place a booking we need to know if there any steps or access restrictions.

Our Giant Scalextrics Hire

Our Scalextrics hire includes:

  • Computerised lap timings that records fastest the lap
  • PA system
  • Compere
  • Top Gear-style leader board

More than just a game, our Giant Scalextrics hire has been developed to ensure that every participant has a fair competition. This is achieved by an electronic scoring system and the rules are strictly enforced!

Our 8 lane Giant Scalextrics track has been specially built to club racing specifications. It is free from car de-railing bumps and intermittent power supply faults which are common with popular makes of track. Sharp bends can be very frustrating for novice drivers as the cars will leave the track easily. Our figure of eight design permits equal lane length and have gentle turns even on the inside of an eight-lane circuit. Only specially built tracks can offer this.

Players will enjoy competition controllers featuring smooth braking and acceleration, and in addition, a team of skilled staff will marshal the track. A referee equipped with a P.A. radio microphone and the computerised scoring system can make sure the players get the most out of the event. We have a number of formats to suit the situation, from structured games and informal parties to team building challenges.

Our Giant Scalextrics hire is available to hire throughout the UK.

Branding options

Our Giant Scalextrics hire is excellent for promotional events and always manages to attract a crowd. The Giant Scalextrics can be branded in various ways, including designs wrapped around the base of the track, company logos and strap lines added to the leader board, and even branding of the cars themselves.


Our giant scalextrics hire is racing all over the UK so find out if it’s available for your event by calling 0800 068 5707 today.

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