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RIB Blast River Thames

We blast through central London at high speed in close formation from parliament to past the Thames Barrier, seeing the heart of London and the financial districts – there are no speed limits.


Using Europe’s largest fleet of RIBs, we are ideally placed to entertain groups of up to 200. The River Thames RIB experience is an ideal accompaniment to a meeting or conference.

Rest assured that the RIBs are not only fast, fun, safe and immaculately presented but have also been ‘coded’ by the Coastguard and carry full and proper insurance.

River Thames RIB experience run throughout the year. Only snow storms slow us down.

Quick Facts

What’s Included

  • The price includes all the costs associated with the event from the moment you arrive to the time that you depart.
  • Waterproofs and life jackets are provided.

Health & Safety

  • Participants will need a reasonable level of physical health rather than fitness. This event is unsuitable for those with knee, hip, back, neck or weight problems.
  • Waterproofs and life jackets are provided.

Our Thames RIB Experience

We are able to operate on The Thames at any time during daylight hours. We have found that the format most enjoyed is a 2 hour blast through the principal section of Central London and then through the Thames Barrier where we have sufficient River space to demonstrate the amazing handling quality of the RIBs first hand.

There is no speed limit on The Thames in central London. Although we travel fast, we are very aware of and considerate to other River users. Before applying full power, we wait until we have cleared the Thames Barrier, creating an excellent finale before returning to the disembarkation point.

These boats normally operate in choppy coastal waters so in central London we are able to guarantee operating in all but the most extreme conditions. Typically only snow storms will stop us.

We provide smart breathable oilskins for everybody, which will keep participants warm and dry even through the most inclement weather.

The majority of our clients choose to join us at St. Katharine’s’ pier just below and to the east of Tower Bridge on the North bank. As well as being convenient for both the city and the West End, there are excellent facilities at the adjacent hotel/restaurants for leaving bags and taking refreshments overlooking the River both before and after the event. The River Thames RIB experience is an ideal accompaniment to a meeting or conference and break up the day.

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Our Thames RIB experience is available throughout the year, enquire today to learn more by calling call 0800 068 5707.

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