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The Minefield

Key Features

60-100 Guests

1.5 - 4 Hrs

Communication, Trust, Teamwork & Motivation


Navigate your team safely through the minefield


Minefield is a classic team building challenge, that requires participants to trust their team members as they receive verbal instructions to navigate them through the imaginary mine field.

Our Teamwork Challenges – Minefield

Our team challenges are designed for improving communication, morale, motivation, productivity and getting to know one another, and learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our team building activities can be used as a conference ice-breaker or as part of a team away day. Our activities promote teamwork, which is essential in a competitive marketplace.

What’s involved?

This challenge requires trust and communication to succeed, to navigate all your team members through the minefield.

Each team member takes turns being blindfolded, as they receive instructions from a fellow team member.  If a team member steps on the minefield, they must start again.

This event is against the clock with the objective to get as many members of your team safely through the minefield!

The following features are included in our team building challenge:

  • Professional crew
  • All necessary equipment
  • Pre-event planning
  • Flags & Bunting
  • Winners Medals
  • 10 Million Public Liability

This event offers tremendous flexibility as it provides numerous benefits to business. Our teamwork challenges can focus on your desired outcomes and objectives.


Our teamwork challenges like Minefield are available to hire throughout the UK, so don’t hesitate and get a quote today by calling 0800 068 5707 to speak with our experienced event managers.

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