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Pyramid Challenge

Key Features

1-30 Guests


Teamwork, Communication, Motivational Fun


The Pyramid Challenge is one of our most popular team challenges


The Pyramid Challenge is one of our most popular team building challenges and has many team-building benefits. This activity can be used as an ice-breaker challenge or in conjunction with other team building activities such as archery, laser clays or as an element of our Multi-Activity Day or Crystal Challenge.

Key benefits

  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Time management

Our Pyramid Team Building Activity

Our team challenges are designed to improve communication, morale, motivation, productivity and enable getting to know one another, and learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our team building activities can be used as a conference ice-breaker or as part of a team away day. Our activities promote teamwork, which is essential in a competitive marketplace.

How it works

This challenge is designed to promote communication and co-operation. The Pyramid Challenge can seemingly be quickly dismantled for relocation but unfortunately moving the building blocks is not so simple. To re-assemble the pyramid in its new location requires considerable co-ordination and teamwork, naturally under pressure as the clock ticks.

The following features are included in our pyramid team building challenge:

  • Professional crew
  • All necessary equipment
  • Pre-event planning
  • Flags & Bunting
  • Winners Medals
  • £10 Million Public Liability

This event offers tremendous flexibility as it provides numerous benefits to business. Our teamwork challenges can focus on your desired outcomes and objectives.

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