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Cocktail Making Experience


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Key Features

1-30 Guests

2 - 4 Hrs

Team Bonding, Engagement & Fun


Our Cocktail Making Experience is ideal for promoting a fun team working atmosphere and treating your guests to a deliciously sensory experience.


The cocktail making experience is a great way to entertain clients and staff, with delicious cocktails and amazing bar tending flair.  Our interactive cocktail games involve the whole group, getting everyone to learn new skills taught by some of the world’s leading mixologists, and above all, experience team bonding whilst having a great time.

Our Cocktail Making Experience

Event Programme

  • Reception Cocktails
  • Team Introduction
  • Interactive Cocktail Making Sessions
  • Mixology Games
  • Awards & Plaudits

Reception Cocktails

Upon arrival guests are served a fresh fruit cocktail and shown to their seats.

Team Introduction

Once your guests are seated, one of our world class flair bartenders will amaze them with a flair routine to music that will grab their attention and break the ice. Our team will be introduced and an overview of the programme prepares guests for the fun learning experience ahead.

Mixing Methods – Cocktail Making and Layering

Now the bar becomes interactive. Guests are split into teams volunteers from each team will be asked to come behind the bar and make the cocktails. We will judge the efforts and mark each cocktail out of ten. There are several rounds, using different methods to create the drinks – including free-pouring, shaking & straining, muddling & churning, layering and flair skills.

Mixology Games

Remaining in teams, guests are presented with the Mystery Box and asked to design a bespoke cocktail. The box is filled with a variety of possible cocktail ingredients from delicious fruits to difficult-to-mix savoury items, guests must use these ingredients to create a great drink. (It can be done, ask your bartender about the famous Onion Ring Martini).

Using their newly acquired knowledge of cocktail mixing methods, exotic spirits and liqueurs teams will be invited to create their own cocktail. Groups can experiment until they have the perfect creation.

Teams will work together to mix their drinks and points will be awarded for style, taste, name and originality. Our cocktail instructors will mingle to add encouragement and groups can even present their drink alongside an advert for their new concoction.

If this is a company team building exercise we can ask teams to create a cocktail to sum up the core value of their company’s brand.  Prizes will be awarded for the ‘best bar team’ and an individual prize for ‘the best cocktail’.

How It Works

The event usually takes approximately 2 hours, depending upon the group size, during this time 3 rounds of drinks are served, with on average another 1 drink per person mixed during the games.

We are more than happy to accommodate changes to the programme for shorter time periods as we have several other formats if your event has specific requirements.

The following features are included on our cocktail making experience:

  • Professional Compere

  • Projector and Giant Screen

  • Full PA System

  • Pre-event client liaison

  • Co-ordination and management of the event

  • All ingredients, including spirits, mixers and garnishes

  • All glassware and tableware

  • Medals for each member of the winning team

  • £10 Million Public Liability Insurance

A cocktail making experience to remember!

Watch our cocktail masterclass in action here to get a ‘flavour’ of what this brilliant team building event is like!


Our cocktail making experience is available anywhere you need it in the UK so you can be making the finest strawberry daiquiris on London roof top terraces to gin concoctions in beautiful estates in the countryside.

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