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200+ Guests

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Creativity, Communication & Collaboration


Animate & Create is an interactive workshop created to encourage team engagement, creativity and teamwork


Our animation workshop can be fully tailored to suit your brief, so that we can propose an engaging theme for your animated production. This can be specific to your requirements, for example the animations may be used for a purpose, i.e. your company website, reception or part of a marketing campaign.

We can also animate your company values and strengths in a clear, concise way and  translate your message into a form that potential customers will associate with. Alternatively we can offer a light-hearted animation workshop primarily based on fun. This team building workshop is a truly multifunctional event. Not only do your teams engage in creativity, team work and collaboration, but they are also rewarded with an animation that can be utilised in the workplace.

Animate & Create
One of our most popular team building events, Animate & Create is fantastic for groups looking to improve communication through creation!
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Within the introduction stage of our animation workshop, our workshop leader will offer a brief introduction to the world of animation, the activity/tasks that will be taking place throughout the session and the aims and outcomes. This includes a ‘behind the scenes’ video of a workshop, as well as fun examples of the type of models and animation you can expect to produce.

Developing Ideas

Delegates are split into pre-organised groups and joined by a sub-group workshop animation assistant. The group discuss the brief and aims and then brainstorm their ideas for storyline, characters, script and storyboard.

This part of the workshop is a key stage in the session, as the group must plan and communicate clearly to ensure:

  • Their ideas and final storyline for the animation fits the brief and the theme.
  • Every member of the group creates their own plasticine model, which must be included in the animation in some way – so individuals must be clear on ‘who’ their character is and ‘how’ this character fits within the story line of the video.
  • That their models and animation can be completed within the allotted time.

Animation Workshop

Once the models and any props are complete, its time to start animating!  The delegates will get an introduction and tutorial on how to use the animation software, which takes no longer than 10 minutes as the software is very simple to use.  Throughout the animation process, the animation assistant will offer their group a range of tricks and tips to help them create a smooth and coherent animation, while ensuring they complete all scenes within the duration of the session.

Group members conduct a variety of tasks within the production of their animation.  Typically, every delegate will animate their own model, and when there are more than one model in any one shot, then takes a high level of communication from all members involved.  Typical tasks all delegates can expect to be involved in include:

Animator – Character models

Often, multiple animators will be working together at any one time depending how many characters are involved in any particular scene.

Animator – Props/Background Scenery

This is particularly important if the scene involves water, a panning movement, or moving props.

Software Operator – Shot Capturer

This delegate operates the image capturing software and is responsible for ensuring each animator moves their model the correct amount (not too much or too little from last shot).  They will regularly preview what has been produced with the rest of the group, so everyone is clear what has been done so far, and what still needs to be done.


Responsible for coordinating how the models will enter the scene, how the characters perform various actions, and how characters are positioned on the set so that it is clear to the viewer what they are doing.


The Producer will be preparing any upcoming models or props needed, making sure no one has displaced the camera or is standing in a position that will cast as shadow on the scene etc.

Storyboard/Storyline Director

Ensures the actions and movements the characters perform and the footage that is captured makes sense and is clearly telling the story or action that was decided during the initially brainstorming and storyboarding stage.

However the above tasks/roles are rarely pre-determined, as delegates will be constantly switching roles depending when their character model needs animating, meaning that every member of the group will be involved in every role during some point during the animation process.


Once every group in the animation workshop has completed their animation, the animation workshop assistants will take a copy of their animation to be screened to all the other groups.  A member of each group will briefly introduce their animation outlining how they tackled the brief/problem, what their idea was and how they decided to portray this in animation.  This is a great opportunity for the group to admire each other’s work.  It is also great for the groups to see how differently they all interpreted and solved the same objectives, yet all of which resulting in positive and entertaining outcomes.

Session end

At the end of the animation workshop, the groups get to take home all the character models they have produced along with any props, drawings or designs. The animations the groups created are then taken back to the studio, where we perform any post production required, including sound effects, music, credits and visual effects, before being sent to you on a DVD for you to either show their colleagues, send out via email, put up on company blogs or add to social media platforms.

Ultimately each client and group is different, as are their aims, objectives, themes etc.  Therefore, every session is designed specifically to meet your brief, so although the above session works very well and is typical, they do not all have to follow this exact structure.

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