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Indoor Laser Shooting

Key Features

1-30 Guests

1-4 Hours

Fun Activities, Promotional Events


A brilliant concept for all shotgun, rifle & pistol shooters. 


Laser Shot is a brilliant indoor laser shooting hire activity, which involves a multiple-application shooting simulation system. The activity is certain to generate huge interest whenever it’s employed. The graphics include a range of shooting situations, from ducks by a lake, to pheasants and quail bursting from the cover of meadows and much more.

Quick Facts


10ft x 15ft x 11ft / 3m x 4.5m x 3.2m

The space required for this event is 3m x 3m

Installation Details

 The Laser Shot requires one 13amp plug and should be run from mains power.

Our Indoor Laser Shooting Hire

Our indoor laser shooting hire includes many clay shooting simulations. There are a variety of moving and stationary rifle simulations and a great cross selection of pistol scenarios that test accuracy and reaction times.

The video, images, sounds and weapons all make for a very lifelike experience, which is both enjoyable and educational! Not only is our indoor laser shooting hire great to take part in, but very entertaining for people standing around to watch!

Laser shot has 15 fully interactive games packages that have the facility to score for participants. This makes it easy to create real competitions between families, groups, or the public at events.

What games are included?

  • Pigeon Shoot
  • Sporting Targets
  • Pheasant Flush
  • Varmint Town
  • Speed Trap
  • Mallard Mania
  • Wild West Shooting Gallery
  • Bull’s-eye Blast
  • Trap Shooting
  • Quail Crazy 3D

All games can be adjusted by the operator to suit the skill level of the shooter. As skill levels improve, the difficulty rating can be cranked up to match!


We stock a huge array of indoor games for hire. Please see below for some alternative ideas:


Our indoor laser shooting hire is available anywhere in the UK. Call 0800 068 5707 to learn more.

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