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Batak Pro Wall


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Key Features

1-30 Guests


Communication, Collaboration


The Batak Pro wall was designed to improve reaction speeds, hand and eye coordination and stamina.


Purpose designed and built for the leisure market, Batak Pro is one of the best games on the market. It keeps players coming back for more and there are always plenty of spectators to offer advice and add to the fun.

The Batak Pro was designed with low power consumption that offers flexibility for alternative venues. As well as traditional venues, the Batak Pro hire can be utilised within marquees and outdoor shelters with hushed generators. The Batak also comes with professional hire staff who can offer over 30 different modes and games. This agile quick reaction game is perfect for all sorts of occasions and events.

Quick Facts


2.06m x 1m x 1.98m

Space requirements:

2.1m x 1m x 2m High


Standard 13amp supply

Our Batak Pro Hire

The most popular Batak Pro hire games include;

  • Batak Accumulator – 1 random target will appear at a time until struck, once struck another target will appear and so on. The game lasts for 30 seconds and each target struck will accumulate and scores will be shown on the digital score display at the end.
  • Batak 50 Target Strike – The user must strike out 50 targets at random as quickly as possible. The strikes and time taken is displayed on the digital scoreboard, if all 50 targets are not hit in 100 seconds the game times out.
  • Batak Relay Race – 4 player relay with 30 second game time each. The timer will begin and the scores will be accumulated throughout the 120 seconds. This Batak game mode is perfect for team events.

Batak Branding Options

Batak offers a wide range of branding options, scoreboards and display boards, ideal for Trade Fairs, Showroom Launches, Shopping Centre Promotions, Fun Days, Fetes, Exhibitions and Special Events.


Our Batak Pro hire is available throughout Britain so it’s time to try your skills out!

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