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Battle of the Bands

The Ultimate Company Music Quiz

Key Features

200+ Guests

1.5 Hrs

Competitive Fun, Engagement & Team Bonding


Battle of the Bands is a multi-media themed music quiz night that pits the talents of history’s top music legends against against each other to find the ultimate music artist


In our Battle of the Bands, teams are named after famous bands such as, ABBA, Jackson 5, Spice Girls etc, each with their own buzzer (for up to 10 teams). We provide wigs, hats and props for all guests to immerse themselves in the fun, and our professional compere delivers a lively event that climaxes with team ‘performances’ of their best known hits! Round content is carefully chosen from a variety of music, film and television sources. Battle of the Bands can be a standard audio based quiz or an elaborate multi-media event featuring big screen graphics, video clips and animated scoreboard – all tailored to your audience and personalised with your company/conference logos.

Our Music Quiz Night

This is our liveliest music quiz night of all!

With plenty of musical and entertainment related rounds to choose from – all depending on your individual requirements and the style of your event – teams battle it out to become number one. The team proving to be the biggest hit by the end of the quiz will be announced the winners, and given ‘bragging rights’ – whilst those lagging in last place go home with nothing but the wooden spoon!

What’s Involved

Battle of the Bands is played in teams, normally as tables, seated for conference or dinner and can be run straight through or between courses. Prior to the quiz, guests are usually provided with wigs, hats and props linked to their band team name. The music quiz night commences with your host taking the stage to introduce the format for the event. Team captains are established and ‘Joker Cards’ made available to each team for double points on their chosen round.

Battle of the Bands – Interactive Music Quiz Night

The following features are included on a standard Battle of the Bands interactive multi-media quiz.

  • Professional compere and event manager
  • State-of-the-art audio visual equipment
  • Giant screen with animated scoreboard updates
  • ‘Band’ themed props, including wigs and hats
  • Video and music clips
  • Full graphics support with experienced technicians
  • Personalised client graphics and branding
  • Band themed costumes included on request

Options and Personalisation

There are many variables for this music quiz night, and each package is carefully tailored to the client’s specific requirements and circumstances. You will need to consider: will you have buzzers or keypads?; will the event be multi-media?; the time available and number of rounds; how many teams and which band they will be named after (we produce signs for each table); which rounds will best suit your audience, and the specific content of those rounds; prizes for the winners and so on.

With buzzers
When buzzers are involved, the competition gets underway with an opening ‘Quick Fire’ round followed by a mixture of music and activity based content that has something for everyone. The competition develops throughout the evening as we review the scoreboard after each round, and climaxes with team ‘performances’ of one of their best known hits! Our final scoreboard will establish the Battle of the Bands Champions and suitable prizes are normally awarded at this time.

With answer sheets
Answers are written onto printed ‘answer sheets’, which are marked at the end of each round before being collected by our score boys and girls. The compere then reads through the answers and shortly after that we are ready to review the team performances. The competition develops throughout the evening with the showing of our animated scoreboard prior to the start of each round. Our final scoreboard will establish the Battle of the Bands Champions and suitable prizes are normally awarded at this time.

With keypads
After a quick practice, teams will be ready to enter their answers using the simple-to-operate keypad provided. Each answer is revealed as we go along and the scores displayed for all teams at the end of each round. The competition develops throughout the evening with the showing of the master scoreboard prior to the start of each round. Double points in the final round means that the lead can change right to the wire, as we update the top five team scores periodically throughout the round. Once the Battle of the Bands champions have been established, suitable prizes are normally presented to conclude the event.

The following features are included in our Battle of The Bands;

  • Bespoke quiz tailored to suit your audience
  • Professional compere
  • Event crew
  • Large screen & projection
  • PA System
  • Pre-event planning
  • Winners Medals
  • £5 million public liability

Watch our hilarious music quiz night in action

Battle of the Bands will get your teams on their feet and rocking / hip hopping / bopping out in no time at all – see it live here.


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This music quiz night can be hosted anywhere in the UK, so drop us a call on 0800 068 5707 today for a quote!

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