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Gameshow Mania

Key Features

200+ Guests

1.5 Hrs

Competitive Fun, Engagement & Team Bonding


Gameshow Mania quiz event is a fun, interactive show hosted by a personality compere with rounds from some of the UKs best gameshows!


Updated February, 2019. Our quiz show event ‘Gameshow Mania’ is an exciting fun filled interactive quiz show that features a medley of some of the UKs most famous and loved TV Gameshows, a blast from the past. This event provides great evening entertainment for corporate events and provides guests the with opportunity to be a TV contestant for the evening!

Our Quiz Show

  • Great for Ice-Breaking and Staff Bonding
  • Captivating Competition
  • Wide Choice of Content to Suit All
  • Fun and Lively Entertainment

What’s Involved

Our corporate quiz show ‘Gameshow Mania’ event is a state-of-the-art multi-media quiz show, which features online graphics and can be personalised with your own company branding. Our attention to detail, your tailored content, slick personalised graphics, the original show themes, our lively compere, top quality AV equipment and a little bit of The Events Company flair, all contribute to make Gameshow Mania a slick and stylish entertainment package that always goes down well with the audience.


Some of our most popular rounds include;

  • Catchphrase – “Say what you see”. Teams must solve ‘Mr Chips’ picture riddles to reveal every day catchphrases.
  • Generation Game – Teams are shown how to make something fantastic and must recreate it.
  • Countdown – Teams attempt to make the longest word possible while the clock ticks and the famous music plays.
  • Krypton Factor – This round involves the famous observation round. Teams must watch a short clip before answering the questions.
  • Name That Tune – Teams are tested about their music knowledge with a medley of music.
  • Telly Addicts – All questions are based on famous TV programmes, past and present.
  • Shooting Stars – The ‘Pub Singer’ round. Teams must guess which popular song is being sung in the hilarious pub singer style!
  • Play Your Cards Right – Higher or lower. You get nothing for a pair.
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – Answer a series of successive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty.

The following features are included on a standard Gameshow Mania quiz show;

  • Professional compere/event manager
  • Technical crew
  • High quality audio visual equipment
  • Giant screen or plasma screen with animated scoreboard updates
  • Personalised graphics
  • Tailored content & material
  • TV themes, background music and sound effects
  • £5 Million Public Liability


“the effort that went in before the event certainly paid off on the night… a very classy evening… the whole office thoroughly enjoyed themselves!”

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We provide a huge array of engaging after dinner entertainment designed for corporate events. Other popular activities include;


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