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Corporate Quiz Nights & Game Shows

We provide a wide variety of after-dinner entertainment that is both exciting and stylish

Our corporate quiz nights are hosted by a professional compere and feature on-screen graphics that are personalised with logos, video clips, and an animated scoreboard.

All our corporate quiz nights are specifically tailored to suit our client needs, perfect after dinner entertainment and team building experience.

Our Quiz and Game Shows are hosted by hilarious team and create a great air of excitement that will have your guests on the edge of their seats with these corporate quiz nights.

We are always looking into new and innovative ways to engage and delight your guests and audience with our quiz nights, with this in mind we are investing in new technology to create even more interactive fun than ever before!

See the Quiz action live

Watch the video to see our corporate quiz nights in action!

Our Corporate Quiz Nights and Game Shows!

  • Question of Sport – Perfect for sports fanatics, Question of Sport quiz event is based on the popular TV show ‘A Question of Sport’ and includes rounds such as Faces, Places and Statistics.
  • Quizmania – A traditional quiz, Quizmania tests guests on general knowledge, geography, history and popular culture!
  • Buzzmania – Buzzers at the ready! Teams are tested on their general knowledge, but you have to be quick!
  • Battle of the Bands – It’s the original lip sync battle! Each team is allocated a team name i.e ABBA, and they then perform an allocated┬ásong before the quiz starts. Quiz round range from ‘ Whats that song’ to ‘face and places’.
  • Gameshow Mania – It’s a blast from the past with our Gameshow Mania event. Take part in a selection of the best gameshows such as ‘Catchphrase’, ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, and ‘Shooting Stars’.
  • Team Pursuits – Our first interactive iPad quiz, customised to suit your event and business message – a new level of interaction.

Corporate Quiz Nights

Our corporate quiz nights can be hosted anywhere in the UK – whether you want it hosted at a venue that we can help you source or in your own offices – this versatile event can be tailored to suit you with ease!

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