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Konami Dance Stage Fusion

Key Features

1-30 Guests

1-4 Hours

Friendly Competition, Fun Activities


Get on your dancing shoes and compete to the best hip songs around! 


Our Konami Dance Machines are the best in town. Perfect for after dinner entertainment, our dance machine hire service can come as part of an arcade game hire package. They are a great conversation starter and really get the party started.

Quick Facts

Dimensions – Konami Dance Stage Into the Groove 3

Width (cm) 180   Height (cm) 183   Depth (cm) 200

Power 500w   Minimum Door Width (cm) 70

Dimensions – Konami Dance Supernova

Width (cm) 180   Height (cm) 230   Depth (cm) 210

Power 800w   Minimum Door Width (cm) 75

Installation Details

We need to know if there are any of the following:

  1. stairs or steps
  2. uneven or soft surfaces

Our Dance Machine Hire – Konami Dance Machines

One of our most popular dance machine hire games. It features hits from well-known artists, with a very large selection of tracks for players to choose from to determine their dance routine. The game boasts advanced 3D graphics, allowing players to dance to real pop artists. Features include the FREEZE ZONE, where players try to keep their feet on the arrows for as long as possible and PERFECT STEP, which boosts combos and awards high numbers of points. This game supersedes Euromix and Dance Dance Revolution game.


Our dance machine hire can be taken anywhere across Britain, so what are you waiting for? Call 0800 068 5707 today to get your groove on.

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