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Key Features

1-30 Guests

1-4 Hours

Fun Activities, Promotional Events


Hire an ‘Alpine Racers’ ski simulator game for your event and feel the adrenaline flow as you ski on a collection of amazing downhill courses


Hiring our Alpine Racers adds a fun and alternative entertainment option to your event. Perfect for a christmas themed event or pop up arcade function, our Alpine Racers are extremely popular. Our prices include the delivery, set up and derig of the arcade game as well as an instructor who will advise your event manager on usage.

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Quick Facts

Dimensions – Alpine Racer 2 Single (1 Player)

Width (cm) 105   Height (cm) 187   Depth (cm) 160   Weight (kg) 200

Power 600w   Minimum Door Width (cm) 71

Dimensions – Alpine Racer 2 Twin (2 Player)

Width (cm) 210   Height (cm) 187   Depth (cm) 160   Weight (kg) 400

Power 1200w   Minimum Door Width (cm) 71

Installation Details

We need to know if there are any of the following:

  1. stairs or steps
  2. narrow access less than 105cm wide
  3. uneven or soft surfaces

Our Alpine Racers

You will never be able to ski like this in the real world, through giant fissures in a glacier and over the roof tops of a sleepy village. Our Alpine Racers Ski machine is ideal for a winter themed party or a James Bond 007 function. This game will attract crowds to your trade stand or product launch. It simply is the best ski simulator game available to hire. It comprises of two machines linked together to create a fantastic competitive atmosphere at any function.

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