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Canyoning Experience

Experience this adrenaline-fuelled canyoning trip with your team as you scramble, climb, leap and swim to a memorable office topic

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Key Features

1-30 Guests

3 - 4 Hr

Teamwork, Communication, Motivational Fun, Fear Facing


Our canyoning experience will have you soaking in the beauty of nature while facing your fears and over coming a series of physical challenges – you won’t be forgetting this trip.


Our canyoning will have you packing your bags and heading to the wilds of Wales, swapping your business suit for a wet suit, strapping on a helmet and putting on your bravest face.

Canyoning, also known as Gorge Walking is a sport that mixes adrenaline and natural beauty in equal measure. Our experienced and professional canyoning instructors will guide you and your team through a wide range of activities such as traverses through waterfalls, scrambling up and down cliffs, leaping from dizzying heights of up to 30ft into natural reservoirs and much more.

A perfect activity for a group looking for a memorable and challenging experience.

Key benefits

  • A great sense of achievement
  • Promotes team cohesion
  • A fresh and different challenge
  • Fun and active

Our Canyoning Experiences

What’s involved?

Our canyoning trips are a fantastic, fun and energetic team building activity and can be adapted to suit most abilities (you don’t need to be a gym bod or a marathon runner to enjoy this great experience!)

The trip begins by gathering at your accommodation for the night, you will be greeted by a member of the team here to brief you and your group on the activities ahead. Following this your transport will arrive to take you to the start point of the experience where you will meet your guides for the day and get kitted up.

When your team is ready you will run through safety procedures and get your first dunk in the icy waters where you learn the proper way to dive and shallow dive, at which point you’re ready to begin your 3 mile journey downstream!

During the canyoning experience may get involved in the following activities:

  • Traversing across ledges under waterfalls
  • 30ft cliff jumps
  • Penguin diving
  • Getting your photo taken under waterfalls
  • Swimming down winding rapids
  • Scramble up and down cliffs
  • Slide down and flip off a waterfall
  • Take a spin in the natural ‘washing machine’
  • and much more!

Take on all these activities and more under the safe instruction and supervision of trained professionals for a true thrill in a safe environment.

The following features are included with our canyoning events:

  • Professional Guides
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Helmets
  • Wet Suits
  • Pre-Event Planning
  • £10 Million Public Liability


This event is in the Brekon Beacons, Wales. Other locations where we can organise this event for include Yorkshire, Lake District and Scotland.

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