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Ultimate Wipeout: Last Man Standing Inflatable


Take on this hilarious team game based on the challenge from the hit TV show, suitable for all ages!


A brand new addition to our collection of energetic outdoor inflatable challenges, our inflatable Last Man Standing game is a brilliant elimination style team building activity.

Designed to test your team’s agility and reactions, our sweeper arm will have you ducking and diving to remain on your podium! This challenge is a great challenge to combine with our other inflatable activities┬ásuch as Gladiator Joust, Foot Darts, Human Table Football and more.

What is involved in our inflatable Last Man Standing activity:

The Challenge

Popularised by the famous TV gameshow challenge Total Wipeout, your teams will choose their champion to step up to one of the 6 podiums and prepare themselves for a workout! The sweeper arm has one high and one low arm requiring competitors to leap and duck past the arms all while remaining on their podium.

Last man standing on their inflatable podium is the champion!

Inflatable Base

Our inflatable beds are tested to the highest standards to ensure comfort, safety and the minimisation of injury. We work closely with the top producers of inflatable products to get the best quality on the market!

Safety Controls

In keeping with our health and safety policies our Inflatable Last Man Standing challenge is operated by a trained professional using controls with a built in functionality to stop the sweeper arm instantly, ensuring your teams are happy and healthy throughout your event.

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