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VR Experiences



Key Features

1-30 Guests

1-4 Hours

Fun Activities, Promotional Events


Add another realm to your event when hiring one of our Virtual Reality experience (VR) headsets.


Allowing delegates to delve into another world with VR for your events; an awe inspiring and innovative idea for fun events, marketing activities and exhibitions.

Virtual Reality is new, interactive and unbelievably exciting. We have a range of experiences using VR which showcase the technology and provide an unforgettable encounter for those who participate.

The activities can take up minimal space on a stand or event space, which can increase the attraction for event use. We have a range of Virtual Reality activities and event games to suit all requirements.

The interactive VR for events puts you in the virtual gaming arena to fight, fly, run, shoot, drive, slide, jump and play.

Our activities cover a broad spectrum of sports and activities with something for everyone. Some of our simulators are also VR ready, this means we can combine the VR headset with the simulator to create an extremely immersive activity.

Quick Facts


  • Space required: from as little as W1.5m x D2m

Installation Details

  • Access requirement: No access restrictions

Our Virtual Reality Experience Hire Includes:

  • A range of virtual immersive experiences
  • Viewing Screen to allow spectators to engage in experience also (Subject to software)
  • Driving – All our Motorsport (Excluding Motorbike) simulators are VR ready
  • Competitive Arcade – Take part in a series of fast-paced games and keep score with our leaderboard
  • Experiential – Reach into this fantastic new medium and experience a rich new level of interaction in these games
  • Sports – VR Skiing, baseball, football and so much more

Target Shooting

Using the Vive and hand controllers, we will transport you to the shooting range. The realism of this game is mind blowing. You will lock and load your weapons in the virtual world and have the chance to shoot a variety of targets and to shoot a variety of guns. Virtual Reality has opened a new level of realism for target shooting.


There is no feeling greater than stepping up to the plate, with the crowd cheering, and crushing the pitch deep into left field! Now you can live the experience with this incredible virtual baseball experience, stepping up to the plate and hitting home run after home run has never been so much fun! With a range of balls, bats and difficulty setting to choose from, there is no excuse to not have a good time showing off your skills at bat!

Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is a 3D illustration tool that lets you walk around your creations made with the Vive controllers. There are so many options, colours, types of brush and so forth to choose from that it’s almost overwhelming.


Get our VR for events anywhere in the UK. Call us on 0800 068 5707 today to book!

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