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Stock Exchange Game


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Key Features

60-100 Guests

1.5 Hrs

Project Management, Leadership, Strategic Planning


Stock Market Game brings the excitement and tension of city share trading


Stock market game ‘The Stock Exchange’ is a fast moving action simulation of the London Stock Exchange, as it used to be. Each syndicate (or team) manage a portfolio of Company Shares, Gold and US Dollar currency, with the objective to maximise the value of their portfolio by the end of the game.  Stocks and shares trade frantically between syndicates and through the ‘ShareDeal’ brokers at the Share Shop, with current prices  displayed on computer screens at the Share Shop and on the large screen.  Syndicates track the developing stories in newspapers and on the TV news to guide split second decisions on the purchase or disposal of their shares.  The Stock Exchange Game is a fun and stimulating team building activity.

Key benefits

  • Great for ice-breaking and bonding
  • Excellent staff motivator
  • Encourages strategic planning and team communication
  • Stimulating and challenging

Our Stock Market Game

Our host will introduce the activity with a detailed briefing, featuring on screen graphics support.  Each syndicate receives a ‘Portfolio Pack’ containing Company background notes, rules and information, role definitions and badges, plus £30,000 in Fun Money.  Teams are given 15 minutes to assess the information, discuss and plan their strategy, and appoint roles.

The game runs over a fictitious week of world events.  Trading opens on Day 1 when the ‘trading buzzer’ sounds.  Syndicates can buy and sell shares through our traders on the Share Shop at the prices displayed, or negotiate with other syndicates and trade directly with them.

News & Information is revealed throughout the game via several different media: The Finance Daily Newspaper, Business Lunch TV News, Newsflashes and Gossip! Share prices change continuously throughout the game to reflect the markets, recent news and trading activity.

At the end of the ‘week’, as trading closes for the final time, all fun money and share certificates are totalled and the results/winners ready to announce shortly afterwards.  It is normal to recognise the winning syndicate/s with a prize of some kind.  Prizes are not included as standard, however, we will be pleased to arrange these for you, on request.

The following features are included on a standard Stock Exchange Game event:

  • Professional host / share shop manager
  • Share shop traders
  • AV technician
  • PA system and mixing desk
  • Projector and 8ft x 6ft screen
  • TV news footage
  • ‘Newsflash’ digital display unit
  • Trading buzzer and desk lights
  • PC monitors displaying share price information
  • Personalised portfolio packs
  • Finance daily newspapers
  • Share deal shop signage
  • Fun money personalised with client logo
  • £10 Million Public Liability Insurance


Our stock market game is available to hire throughout the UK.

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