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Mash Machine Hire

Key Features

1-30 Guests

1-4 Hours

Fun Activities, Creativity


Mash Machine hire is a brand new entertainment concept that completely engages your guests, and is new to the UK.


This radical new concept is an interactive music system suitable for between 1 and 4 users. Each colour represents a different musical element and by placing a block on the table surface, a music clip will play. Add more blocks, and you’ll start to create your very own ‘mash up’.

Quick Facts


0.6m wide X 0.6m deep X 1.0m high

Operational area; 1.8m wide X 1.8m deep

Installation Details

Requires 13amp 240V power supply

Our Mash Machine Hire

The Mash Machine is a new interactive music maker, the elements are Red (Drums), Blue (Bass Lines), Green (Melodies) & Yellow (Vocals).

Within minutes, you’ll become a pro DJ and your guests will love the famous samples the Mash Machine plays! Change the blocks as often as you want to create different audio or move the blocks around the table for phase, flanger and echo effects!

This really is an addictive activity. We’d highly recommend this for exhibitions, product launches or birthday parties that need to stand out.

With snippets of sounds, players must select and mix each type of element to create music. They do this by moving the elements to different areas across the surface of the mash machine. The opportunities are endless with the Mash Machine and its bass, drums, melodies and vocal elements and always creates a crowd!



Our mash machine hire is available to hire throughout the UK so you can start creating your own mash up today!

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