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Key Features

200+ Guests

2.5 - 3 Hrs

Decision Making, Communication, Collaboration


Designed to engage, inspire and excite, Backpackers is a fun and original team building activity


Backpackers is a fun and exciting group building activity, designed to test decision-making skills and collaboration against the clock.

Each team takes on the role of an international backpacker; planning routes, managing their money, choosing work options and deciding which challenges are to be undertaken and when.  Graphics on the big screen support and enhance a personalised briefing and allow progress and scores to be updated live throughout the game.

Our Group Building Activity – Backpackers

  • Encourages staff bonding
  • Fun and educational content
  • Great for ice-breaking
  • Lively and active entertainment

What’s Involved?

Backpackers depart from London and travel to the destinations on our world map.  Each team is given a pack containing an introduction to the game and how it works, a travel timetable, passport, SOS vouchers and US Dollars.  The game lasts for 80 minutes, with each minute representing a day in the life of a modern backpacker.  Teams nominate roles for their members including a team leader and a runner who, wearing their backpack, communicates their team’s decisions to an adjudicator.  Effective teamwork is vital in this game to maximise point scoring and achieve a winning team performance.

The following features are included on a BackPackers group building activity;

  • Professional compere
  • Team adjudicators
  • Projector and giant screen
  • Full PA system
  • Personalised graphics presentation
  • On-screen scoreboard updates
  • Digital clock with audible alert
  • World map backdrop
  • Team travel information packs
  • All game materials and props


“The presentation and attention to detail were first class… a great fun and highly original team building event!” – Baylis & Harding


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