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Winter Wonderland


Our Winter Wonderland Themed Party

As you enter the magical world of our Winter Wonderland themed party, you will be greeted by your very own ice maidens, who will lead your guests into the magical world of Lapland, complete with all of the sights, smells and sounds of this wintery wonderland.

Dressed beautifully in white, silver and ice blue, your venue will be brought to life using the very latest in lighting technology to create an ambience which is  guaranteed to steal the limelight this Christmas, 2019.


The building blocks of any perfect event – the venue is the first piece of the puzzle. To create the best possible winter wonderland theme for your event we work hand in hand with any venue you have selected to maximise the use of the event space for real impact and creativity.

Don’t have a venue? Not a problem. As part of our event theming package we include a venue finding service for you free of charge. We will source, site inspect and negotiate on your behalf to get the ideal venues to suit your event and requirements.

Venue Transformation - Where the Magic Begins

Create your perfect winter wonderland setting, from alluring chilly ice caves to delightful snowy plains, we have all the creativity and equipment to make it happen.

From the moment your guests enter the venue they will be blown away by the beautiful combination of snow-covered trees, rustic fireplaces, life size reindeers and your choice of classic lodge furnishings or elegant, soft LED furniture along with a whole host of props. Complete the look with glittering starlight draping and floating snowflakes or icicles.

Let Us Entertain You

Entertainment comes easily with this diverse theme. With a huge range of stunning performances and mix ‘n’ mingle artistes there is something for every occasion and audience.

Top on the list has got to be our traditional Bavarian dance troop bringing amazing energy to the event, swiftly followed by our wonderful stilt performers and meet ‘n’ greet artistes; packing an outfit for every occasion, from giant candy sticks to ice pixies and so much more.

Stimulating the Senses

Our in-house creative team provide technical support to meet your brief and produce a seamless live event that delivers your message. Whether you are looking for an cosy ice grotto or a magical Lapland style experience we have the expertise to create the perfect sights, sounds and smells to place you and your guests in the heart of it.

With clever use of smart lighting, haze machines, snow cannons, incredible audio technology your event will have the perfect ambience, all backed by professional, technical expertise.

Event Management

From concept to delivery, we work with you every step of the way. Accompanied by a dedicated account manager for your event, we will ensure your event is a smooth, seamless process and most of all, a roaring success.

Through all the process described above, we take a pragmatic approach to creating a wholistic service. This means no corners are cut, all options are considered, and the final delivery is to plan. It’s safe to say, your event is in the great hands.


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Our Winter Wonderland theme is available to hire throughout UK including Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Derby, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Peterborough, Reading, St Albans, Wolverhampton and Worcester.  For further details contact us on: 0800 068 5707

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