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Wild West Themed Party

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Looking for a Wild West themed party? Look no further than our cowboy inspired event! 


Saddle your horses and tighten your gun belts as we head for a whip-cracking trip back in time to the Wild Wild West!

Our Wild West Themed Party

As you arrive and enter into the main function room, you will be offered a drink from the shot bar and serenaded by the ‘Tequila Amigos’ and met by the ‘Saloon Bar Girls’.

Once you step into ‘The Saloon’, your dining tables and chairs will be themed to create an instant authentic Wild West atmosphere. The tables will be draped in red and white gingham checked linen, with either a lantern or a stunning floral cactus as a centrepiece. On each individual place setting, various styles of cowboy hats will be placed on the chairs for your guests to wear!

During the cowboy themed party meal, your guest will be once again entertained by the ‘Tequila Amigos’. As the meal draws to end, it is time to welcome the ‘Saloon Dancers’ to the stage. These lively young dancers in American stars and stripes costumes, complete with their caller, will get you all dancing in true Western style, from the Sheriffs down to the ranch hands.

As the end of the cabaret draws near, the ‘Saloon Bar’ will spring into life with a wide variety of authentic Wild West games giving everyone the chance to try different side shows and competitions from Blackjack and Roulette to Bucking Bronco, Quickdraw, Bow and Arrow Range, Horseshoe Throwing Corral, Lasso lessons and Cactus Corral, and for the more adventurous Knife and Axe Throwing – the only rules that apply are ‘No Spittin’ and ‘No Cussin’!

As the girls do their final number, the DJ starts to get the room rocking and takes you through ’til the end of the evening where the stagecoaches will be waiting to take all the tired Cowboys & Cowgirls back to their ranches for a well earned rest.

Our Wild West themed party props may include;

  • Themed backdrop
  • Black LED starlight cloths
  • Barrels
  • Cacti and Succulents
  • Silhouette panels

LED Products and Lighting

We can provide a wide variety of lighting solutions indoors and outdoors, which will transform the ambience of your venue some of our products include:

  • LED uplighters
  • LED poseur tables
  • Mock flames
  • LED banqueting tables
  • Flambeaux torches
  • Party flame torches
  • Smart intelligent lighting

Our Wild West themed party entertainment may include;

  • Saloon Bar Girls
  • Serenading Band
  • Caricaturist
  • Cocktail waiters
  • Dancers
  • Fun fair stalls
  • Photo booth
  • Bucking Bronco
  • Themed characters


Our wild west themed party is available throughout the UK, so get your ten gallon hat and spurs because our theming can be designed to suit your venue of choice.

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