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Its A Knockout


Key Features

200+ Guests

3.5 - 4 Hrs

Communication, Collaboration, Motivational Fun


It’s A Knockout is a hilarious team game based on the famous T.V. show, suitable for all ages and abilities.


Updated July 2019 – Our It’s A Knockout games are designed to challenge a team’s range of skills through a series of physical and mental games, sometimes both, as well as perhaps the most essential ingredient of all – a team’s ability to work as a unit and face the challenge!

Its A Knockout
Its A Knockout is hugely popular, hilarious team building event. We have a collection of fantastic inflatables and an event that will leave contestants wowed.
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Our Its a Knockout challenge may include:

Bomb the Castle

It’s time to infiltrate the castle! In this game, teams take their place in front of the castle in the form of a human chain. Each team member passes the ‘bomb’, or wet sponges as they are also known, down the line where the last team member will throw the bomb over the castle. A team mate on the other side of the wall collects the sponge and squeezes the remaining water into a container. The team with the most water collected wins the points.

Budgie Go Round (costumed event)

‘The Budgie Relay’ is one of our most popular games within the It’s A Knockout universe! All the team members must race against their opposing teams to make their way through the giant inflatable window. Seems easy right? No! As they are racing against their competitors, they have the added bonus of  wearing a large budgie costume! This hilarious costumed game really gets your team members flapping! To win maximum points, the final team members must race to land in the nest!

Mini Marathon

Our Mini Marathon is fantastic for our speedy competitors. Team members scramble through the 50ft long assault course to beat their competitors. The mini marathon game is a race against the clock, fastest run, wins!

Nordic skiing

A traditional team building game with a twist! Team members will be invited to slip into our elongated skis. Communication and timing skills must be used to a maximum to produce a respectable time while they weave in-between slalom gates & burst balloons as they make their way down our course.

Slippery Slope

A true classic for this fantastic event. The objective of the game is to get all your team members up & over the slippery slope. It seems easy, but without your anchor person on top, will the bubbles win?! The first team to complete the task takes the points.

Top The Level

Another classic It’s A Knockout game that involves water, speed and balance. All the team members make their way across an inflatable hurdle course carrying water above their heads, which they then pour into a bucket. The team with the most water wins this round.

Tunnel Collection

Prepare to get wet in the ultimate It’s A Knockout finale! Teams go head to head, in this exciting and fast game. They will run through the tunnels to collect as many objects as possible from the big foam pit the other side. Making their way through the slippery tunnels, the team with the most articles in the allocated time allowed will get all the points.

Our Its A Knockout Event

Its A Knockout is suitable for a wide range of event types such as Training Days, Charity Fund Raisers, Corporate Events, Team Building Days and Conferences plus many more. Just like in the original TV show format, we offer the use of Jokers to increase the team score and a lively commentary is given by our lively compere.

The Events Company can provide everything you need to make this event a true spectacle! From inflatables to lively music, compere, suds, and a team of crew ready to get soaking wet, all while looking after the health and safety of your guests.

It’s A Knockout is an arena full of giant inflatable games and obstacles that provide a great team building event for team away days, fundraising events and company fun days. This fast paced tournament offers competitive and challenging activities in a fun and safe arena, with a professional compere and instructors providing assistance throughout the event.

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Our fantastic new inflatable is now available for hire with our It’s A Knockout team building event. ‘Super Suds!’ is a fantastic finale for an exciting team building event. The washing machine themed inflatable takes centre stage at this summers events with its 3 giant machines, full to the brim with suds! First team to pair up their socks wins!
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Our It’s a Knockout event is available to hire throughout the UK, so whether you are looking to host an event in Camberley, Cambridge, Canterbury, Castle Donington, Chatham, Cheadle, Chelsea, Cheltenham, Cheshunt, Chester, Chichester, Chipping Campden, Chippen Norton, Chiswick, Cirencester, City of London, Clapham, Coalville, Coleshill, Corby, Cotswold, Coventry, Crawley, Crewe, Croydon or beyond, that’s no problem for us!

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