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Online virtual events used to be a great alternative – a second best option – to meeting face-to-face. Today, as the world faces an unprecedented challenge, they are the only game in town for businesses that need to stay connected.

But there’s a lot of noise about what online events are, the technology you need, and how to deliver them effectively. Here at The Events Company, we like to keep things simple so we’ve categorised them into four distinct types: On Demand, Broadcast, Hybrid and Virtual Reality.

And whatever option you decide on, with an in-house creative team ready and waiting to generate whatever content you need to deliver your event, we’ll ensure the transition from actual to virtual is pain-free, productive and entirely seamless.


At a physical event, it can be difficult for attendees to take in all of the messages delivered in the keynote sessions and also carve out time to visit all the sponsors.

For virtual events it couldn’t be easier. Making the content available on-demand means your attendees can take it all in. Pre-recorded on-demand content is uploaded to a platform and consumed in a personalised manner at a time that suits.


A pre-recorded or live broadcast usually takes place in a main studio location, with possible satellite locations, all being streamed online to multiple platforms simultaneously.

They usually take place on a set and stage design much like a TV production. The event can be filmed in a variety of ways including single camera, multi-camera, interactive multi-camera or using a 360º camera. The presenters and crew are the only people on set.

Remote audiences find live streams appealing, offering them the chance to experience an event in the ‘present’ and interact with the presenters by communicating real-time comments and questions.


A hybrid event is any experience - conference, training seminar, trade exhibition, etc. - that combines live, in-person elements with digital, online components.

For example, a business conference that hosts in-person delegates in one location and live-streams its content to a worldwide audience of invited attendees would be considered a hybrid event.


Virtual reality events take place, as their name suggests in a virtual environment.

They can be viewed within a browser or using a VR headset. They can take the form of a game-like experience, in which the audience can explore an environment and engage with content, or as an avatar-based experience, where each attendee has a digital avatar to represent them. The options really are endless and our creativity has no boundaries when imagining a virtual world and experience.


The real heart of a good online virtual event lies in the content and storytelling. With attendees tuning in from remotely, it is more important than ever to create an experience that captures and keeps their attention.

As with any event, an impactful opening video will instantly set the tone for the meeting. Powerful storytelling pieces allow your audience to emotionally connect with individuals on their team, their customers, or the communities they serve. In addition, we can produce interstitial videos, animated graphics, event bumpers and transitions to help ensure that not only does the meeting move seamlessly from one segment, speaker, or location to the next, but that all content blends perfectly to create a completely branded experience.



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Virtual Event Ideas

As specialist online virtual experience organisers, we pride ourselves in providing creative bespoke virtual event ideas. From concept to delivery, we work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.


Our online virtual events are delivered throughout the UK including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Chester, London,  Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newport, Nottingham, Oxford and Reading.

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