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Key Features

1-30 Guests


Fun Activities, Promotional Events


Are you a sharp shooter? Could you hit the target and win a prize?! 


This challenging yet enjoyable fairground game comes with its own red fairground stall and attractive hand painted signage.

Quick Facts


  • 2.5m (L) x 4m (D) x 2.3m (H)
  • All our stalls comes complete with £10 Million Public Liability cover
  • Shooting Gallery Hire hire comes complete with an operator and £50 worth of prizes

Our Funfair Shooting Gallery

This is a incredibly popular game with all age groups. The stall is painted brightly with red, yellow and white and holds a collection of wooden ducks at the back. The aim of the activity is for each player to shoot down the targets. All players are supplied with a cork firing gat gun and have a selected amount of time to knock down the ducks. The winner receives a cuddly toy!

This fairground game is installed in its own branded fairground stall and is exceptionally well-decorated inside. The funfair shooting gallery includes a dedicated, fully trained staff member who will maintain health and safety regulations while instructing guests.

Fun Fair Stalls

We have a collection of traditional fun fair stalls available for hire throughout the UK.


Our funfair shooting gallery is available to complete your funfair anywhere in the UK so get in touch today by calling 0800 068 5707.

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