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Experience the nostalgia with our hilarious bumper cars for hire!


No company fun day is complete without Dodgem Cars, which everyone knows and loves. Commonly known as Bumper Cars, the Dodgems have been entertaining children and adults alike since the 1920′s and have only become better over the years.

Quick Facts


Track sizes start at 54 feet by 40 feet and go up to 100 feet by 50 feet, with lots of different sizes inbetween, prices are dependant on track size, amount of cars and type of dodgems required. It is important to call us on 0800 068 5707 and discuss your needs, to ensure you get the right bumper cars for the right price.

Our Bumper Cars Hire

The Events Company can provide a full range of dodgem cars. Our range includes classic old-time dodgems perfect for period or themed events. We also have high-octane modern dodgems, which are complete with lights and sounds to create the ultimate funfair dodgems experience. With a full range of track sizes and quantity of cars available, we are sure to have the right dodgem set for your requirements.

Our bumper cars hire comes complete with insurances and are fully staffed throughout the event.

Fun Fair Rides

Our traditional and modern fun fair rides are extremely popular during the summer. They include;


Our bumper cars hire is available throughout the UK so whether you are looking in Lambeth, Leamington Spa, Leatherhead, Ledbury, Leeds, Leighton Buzzard, Lichfield, Liverpool, London, Greater London, Loughborough, Ludlow, Luton or beyond, we can supply this for you.

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