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Animation Workshop London

Animate workshop encourages engagement, creativity and teamwork

Key Features

100-200 Guests

2 - 4 Hrs

Creativity, Communication & Collaberation


Animate your team with this energetic and thought provoking workshop


Our animation workshop London can be fully tailored to suit your business outcomes and provide an engaging animated production.

We can animate your company values and strengths in a clear, concise way and translate your message into a form that potential customers will associate with. Alternatively, we can offer a light-hearted animation workshop primarily based on fun. This team building workshop is a truly multi-functional event. Not only do your teams engage in creativity, team work and collaboration, but they are also rewarded with an animation that can be utilised in the workplace.

Within the introduction stage our facilitator will provide a brief introduction and provide training of the software and communicate the objections of the session.

Animation Workshop London Format

Delegates are split into pre-organised groups to discuss the brief and brainstorm ideas and storyline the script and characters.

Once the models and props are created, it’s time to start animating! Throughout the animation process, our team will provide tips to help groups with their production.

Our animation workshop involves the whole group communication and teamwork are vital to create an award-winning production.

Typical tasks delegated include;

  • Animators – Responsibilities include making props & scenery.
  • Software Operator – This task involves operating the image capturing software.
  • Director – This role includes co-ordinating the team to ensure the movements and actions reflect the storyboard.


Once all the groups have completed their animation, each member of the group will introduce their footage outlining how they tackled the brief. This is a great opportunity for the groups to admire each other’s work and see how each team have interpreted the brief, in a positive and entertaining manner.

At the end of the animation workshop, groups get to take home their completed footage.  If required post production effects can be added back at the studio including sound effects, music, credits and visual effects which can be used internally to promote your overriding message.

Animation Workshop London

Our animation workshop is available throughout London we can either come to your offices or a nearby venue. If you require assistance our venue finding team can source a suitable location that meets your needs.

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