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Autumn Thought Series | Ed.4 Collaborative Team Building

This week in our Autumn Thought Series, we are asking…

What if I could create a collaborative team?

Collaboration. It’s an overused and undervalued word. But what does it actually mean? Businesses build departments that segment teams. However, more and more businesses are expanding their teams to create a collaborative workforce, such as ‘Smarketing’, which is the fantastically named, sales and marketing departments, working together to achieve a common goal.

True collaboration is the act of working together, utilising unique skills of each person, in order to complete a task. When a team works collaboratively, projects are creative, punctual and productive. Using each others strengths, teams can collaborate to achieve a common business objective.

ANSWER: For collaborative team building, we suggest hosting a ‘Crystal Challenge‘. This event involves extreme tactics, planning, strategy and skill. It’s important for team to work in sync, to complete successful challenges. The more collaborative the teams are, the more time they have in the Crystal Dome finale!

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