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Choosing the perfect Christmas theme

It might be the middle of summer, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about your Christmas party. It sounds like a simple job, but when you’ve got a set budget and hundreds of different people to please, it can quickly turn into a minefield. More than 70% of organisations host a festive bash, so you’ll need to consider booking and planning as early as possible to get the best venue to suit your event. And of course, you can’t start thinking about the venue until you’ve selected that all important theme.


Why have a theme

Traditionally the only theme at the office Christmas party was to drink too much and embarrassing yourself in the karaoke booth. But as brands strive to deliver bigger, better and more unique occasions for their employees, themed events are well and truly on the scene. Choosing a fun and quirky theme can help you stand out from the crowd, better engage your staff and also deliver your business message. Thinking outside the box is also a chance to increase engagement for the event by allowing employees to contribute their own ideas.


What to choose 

It’s easy enough to decide you want a themed event, but what do you choose? When deciding on your perfect Christmas theme, never lose sight of your brand ethos or objectives. If you’re a high flying tech company, you might want to consider how you can incorporate digital aspects into your event. Consult management and employees, decide on your budget and then think about what your staff are enjoying at the moment. Basing your theme off  popular books, television shows, new movies and theatre productions provide great traction for your event.


Costume and props 

Dressing up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so it’s probably best to provide different options for your guests. Make props available for those who just want to take selfies in the photo booth and offer a costume prize for the more adventurous. To make sure everyone feels comfortable, stress that fancy dress will be completely optional. Even the shyer team members are more likely to get involved if they don’t feel forced. Cringing at the thought of fancy dress? Why not consider themed performers to mix and mingle with guests? Not only is it a great focal point but also can guests feel more at ease and immersed no matter the dress code.



Whatever theme you choose, the entertainment has to complement your party. While some brands might opt for traditional singers, magicians or a live band, others may want to consider immersive theatre, interactive games or murder mysteries. Competitions can also be a popular type of entertainment, and you can try anything from themed quizzes to making the finest gingerbread house. To add a team building element, companies may want to try holding an afternoon session before the party kicks off.


Unique venues

Whether you’re turning your offices into a winter wonderland or renting out a local warehouse for a Peaky Blinders inspired experience, the venue can make or break your event.  We recommend selecting your theme and planning your objectives carefully before you choose where to hold the party. Unique venues are a great place to start for themed events, either setting the scene for it or allowing you to add something extra to the mix. If you do decide to pick somewhere unusual, make sure you plan for the logistics of props, decor and food. You don’t want to end up in a remote castle with 500 hungry guests!


Looking for some inspiration? Grab your copy of our Christmas themed events brochure here.

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