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How and why you should be celebrating world cup football events in your company

You might have thought that with the on-going frictions surrounding Russia’s agenda and issues with finding sponsorship for the World Cup this year that it might have landed the World in a sour mood but as always, the spirit of the game has shone through! With the last statistic from 2014 by FIFI suggesting the viewership has hit around 3.2 Billion it’s hardly a surprise that the sport will troop on through even the greatest controversy.

With this glorious image of global healthy competition and a united front in support of the sport, people across the world are already readying themselves with their own football events to celebrate the cup in style. Not only this, but there is legitimate backing that watching the world cup and hosting football events will increase office productivity as found by Forbes! The crux of it being that it encourages team spirit, a bonding opportunity and a chance to reward staff which can result in increased long-term productivity. Interesting, right?

The question from here then; how do you go about throwing the perfect world cup football events? Fear not. We have been busy pulling together all the key areas you will need to kick off your event in the right way.


Nothing makes for a good party like having some activities before, between and after the main entertainment (the matches in this instance) – that’s why we have gathered our top football events activities together for you in one place – check out our “World Cup Party Ideas” here


Nothing spells out a good party like having a proper spread on! BBC Good Food has the right idea! The right food is crucial to event success; that’s why we have worked tirelessly to find the best catering for any style of cuisine from around the world so why not take a leaf from the BBC Good Food’s book and match your flavours to the matches playing out!


A key factor in any event but particularly so for watching the match – does your office have a decent sized TV? Is there enough room to fit all the attendees? If these questions are raising alarm bells then you might need the services of a venue finder to find the perfect spot with everything you could want to be a big hit with your staff!


Make your event look the part; from something as simple as some bunting and a few footballs scattered around for a kick about (not necessarily advisable if you’re hosting it in the office) or you’re going whole hog with whole flags, giant footballs grass effect furniture and hired some football freestylers. It counts to add in some theming to get everyone in the true spirit of the event.

So, what are you waiting for? With your checklist ready, start organising your world cup football events today! Want to make it even easier? We can handle all the details from you and supply everything in this article and much more.

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