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How to Book a Photo Booth?

Are you looking for Photo Booth hire?

The popularity of Photo Booth hire has spread like wild fire over the past 5 years. At The Events Company, we have seen a huge increase in booth bookings for events, weddings and parties, with over a third of corporate and personal bookings involving a Booth! Now that’s a lot of photos.

So you want to #makememories and capture the moment? A Booth is so much better than a photographer for this! Booths are hilarious, allowing guests to let loose and really have fun!

‘When guests leave our Booths they are always beaming from ear to ear’, says Jamie Fox, Event Crew at The Events Company, ‘the pictures print instantly and guests get to keep a copy. It’s a great memento!’

Not only is Photo Booth hire popular but running costs are low. The latest technological advances mean Booths can offer more services than ever before AND capturing your Great Uncle in a rainbow wig, giant sun glasses and a neon pipe couldn’t be any more hilarious!

Okay, so you know you want to book a Booth, but how do you know who to pick?


What to look for when researching Photo Booth hire


  1. What style of Photo Booth are you looking for?


From framed Photo Booths to inflatable Video Booths and Magic Selfie Mirrors, there are a huge range of Booths on the market and understanding what type you want is the most important!


  1. How long do you need the Booth?


Most Booth suppliers charge for time slots. 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours are the most popular so plan out your event timings first. You can then ensure your Photo Booth isn’t being packed away at 10pm when the party is only just getting started!


  1. What is the venue access?


Making sure our crew are happy, informed and safe is one of our main priorities. Happy crew means a happy you! Our crew ensure a safe set up, so thinking about the venue and its access really helps in the planning of the event.

Something to think about.

Can we park? Are there height restrictions? Can we unload? Are there any steps into the building? Is there a service lift? Do we need to go upstairs? Will other suppliers be setting up at the same time?


  1. What skins do you want?

Black, white, Union Jack, pink hearts, vintage wood or bespoke design, you name it and they probably exist! Our white skins are our most popular. They are sleek, modern and unique so are perfect for most event styles.


So to conclude, Photo Booth hire is a must for you next event, but make sure you are clued up on the packages, prices and set up needs!

Written by Sarah Aitken

As Marketing Manager, Sarah communicates our services in the best way possible, ensuring you get to experience our fantastic customer service, event professionalism and in depth knowledge in the best way possible. In her spare time, Sarah watches puppy videos on instagram.


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