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Top 10 Birmingham Team Away Day Ideas

We are here to take the headache out of finding the ideal team activity for your company with our choice of the top 10 Birmingham team away day ideas!

Why is Birmingham a perfect spot for team away days?

As a thriving city with a diverse culture and bustling centre of commerce, there is always entertainment in abundance and a mighty long list of places to host your events with accommodation to compliment it. What more could you ask for! From spacious office blocks and sporting venues to wonderful theatres and meeting spaces there is no shortage of suitable locations. The other great benefit of Birmingham is that you are never far from green fields and open spaces for all the brilliant outdoor team building and away days.

It is easy to see how versatile Birmingham can be to meet your requirements for any style of event. so, without further delay, let’s look at the top picks to get your staff itching for their team away day!

Number 10:   Umberslade Adventure park – Situated just outside the main hustle and bustle of Birmingham, get back to some fantastic old school entertainment with this gem of an adventure park! Classic assault courses and team challenges combined with zip wires and archery along with a whole host of other activities.

Number 9: Crime scene investigation – Turn your group into true crime scene investigators using real life forensic techniques. Run by ex-police professionals, your team will learn the ropes of crime scene forensics and race to solve the murder before the day is out.

Number 8: GPS Treasure hunt – Perfectly tailored to any location, this brilliant event will have your team getting to grips with the Birmingham area through unique challenges set up across the city all tied together through brilliant GPS technology.

Number 7: Making, baking and creating – Our Animate and create event will have you creating incredible animated short films while our gin, wine and cheese masterclasses will have your taste buds dancing!

Number 6: A full day of inflatable fun – Take on our huge series of inflatable challenges from mega assault courses to human table football (yes, it is a thing!)

Number 5: Castaway – Test your staffs’ survival skills in this hands-on challenge. Across the day your team will face a variety of challenges and fun sports to earn resources to both build a shelter for the final event as well as to maintain a fire for the whole duration! At the end of the day your teams will (hopefully) be prepared to survive the harsh typhoon weather of a castaway island within their shelters – additional points are awards for the best team mascot.

Number 4: Company sports day – Looking for some true nostalgia? This team away day is ideal for creating friendly and fun competition for teams, from egg and spoon races to welly wanging, your staff will be embracing this nostalgic event in no time.

Number 3: The High Life – Live the high life in this amazing experience as your teams are taken for helicopter tours of beautiful countryside, why not top it off with a stop in one of the stunning manor hotels in the surrounding areas of Birmingham. A truly memorable team away day!

Number 2: Country pursuits day – If you could all the finest parts of country living into one day then you get the idea for this one a Birmingham team away day has never been easier.

Number 1: Multi-activity day – Take the best bits of all the above and make it your own! No one knows your team like you do, so with us you can create a bespoke package to suit your team best.

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