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7 ideas for winter team building

The evenings are getting darker, there’s a nip in the air and it won’t be long before we’re scoffing mince pies and getting glammed up for the office Christmas party. By the end of November, it’s natural for your employees to start running out of steam, especially if it’s been a busy year. There’s a lot of work to finish before the holidays kick off, and people are starting to become pre-occupied with the prospect of Christmas shopping or preparing a dinner their in-laws won’t complain about.  You can help to avoid that pre-festive slump with a winter team building activity that will boost staff morale and get your staff excited about the year to come. Cold weather activities are also great for the new year, particularly at the end of January and start of February when the post-holiday high has worn off.


Check out our list of top ideas team building suggestions for the winter months.


Cocktail making classes

Summer might be the time to enjoy the great outdoors, but there’s plenty of cosy places to hide from the winter weather. Why not get your team together and try your hand at cocktail making? If you’re feeling competitive you can get groups to judge each other’s creations, with prizes available for the best ones. Other winter warmer options include gin or whisky tasting evenings, which can double as a pre-Christmas party activity.


Ski and snowboard lessons

If you haven’t got the money to fund a winter incentive to a Swiss resort, don’t worry. There’s a range of indoor ski centres across the UK that offer the perfect opportunity for teams to try their hand at the sport (without breaking the bank). Groups can also get together to enjoy some ‘Apres Ski’ afterwards, which will give the team some time to reflect on their newly learnt skiing (or falling) skills.


Wine and cheese nights

When the rain starts coming down, there’s nothing better than wine and cheese. If you want to put a twist on a classic night, you can throw in a Christmas themed quiz to give your team building a competitive edge. Whether you turn it into a games night or just enjoy the food and drinks, it’s a nice way for the team to spend some time together as the nights get cooler.


Office scavenger hunt

Who says you have to leave the office to have a good time? If you’re strapped for time (or cash) an old-fashioned scavenger hunt is a great way to get your team bonding. Whether it’s searching the building for the ugliest festive decoration or taking the best ‘Christmas jumper selfie’, there’s lots of silly creative challenges that can be turned into a game. Choose a selection, set a time limit and may the best team win!


Put on a panto

For a festive afternoon of fun, taking a group of adults to a pantomime is always a fun idea- especially if there’s an opportunity for a drink at the interval. But if you want to step the team building up a notch, why not get your team to put on their own show? Once you’ve found some willing volunteers all you need to do is provide the costumes, props and enthusiastic shouts of ‘he’s behind you’!


Ice carving workshop

If you’re looking for something quirky and different, ice carving is a fun challenge that most of your team won’t have tried before. Teams can be supervised while they are taught how to build their own creative centrepiece with specialist tools. Offering plenty of time for photos and selfies afterwards, it’s also a great way to get your employees sharing their team building activity on social media.


Cookery classes

Indulging in good food is one of the best things about the Christmas season, so why not get your team to try their hand at a cookery class? Whether it’s a chocolate making workshop that appeals to their sweet tooth or a contest to see who can prepare the best roast dinner, there’s plenty of options available. Just make sure you ask the team to come hungry.

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