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10 Top Summer Team building activities

The year is flying by and Q1 is already over. Hard to believe – I know – but now it is time to turn towards the warmer days to come; spring is upon us and summer is around the corner. It’s time to step outside, back into the fresh air and get your colleagues stretching their bodies and minds with one of our top summer team building activities!

Outdoor activities are being booked up as the first glimpses of the sun are had following the overly long and dreary winter weather so big companies are making a beeline for some much-needed staff motivation already. So, without further delay, let’s jump into the 10 top summer team building activities.

#10 Gameshow Mania

To kick off our top summer team building activities count down, this is a fan favourite! ‘Gameshow Mania’ is an exciting fun filled interactive quiz show that features a medley of some of the UKs most famous TV Gameshows. This event provides great evening entertainment for corporate events and provides guests the with opportunity to be a TV contestant for the evening!

#9 Lights, Camera, Action

A fun movie-making team building activity that can run at any time of day. The activity fits perfectly around a conference or meeting and can also follow into a dinner with an oscars style awards ceremony. Teams establish roles, plan their production, write a script and later perform live for the camera.

#8 Games Galore

Our Games Galore event is an excellent team building activity suitable for corporate events, conference entertainment and ice-breaker sessions. Depending on your objectives we stock a huge array of interactive indoor games, virtual reality systems or high-tech simulators designed to engage, inspire and excite.

#7 Challenge 100

Our team building activity ‘Challenge 100’, is a fast, furious and fantastic variety of physical, cerebral and fun team challenge! Competitors must attempt to solve as many team challenges in the allotted time.

#6 Castaway

Our Castaway team building format incorporates creativity, communication and task management in the ultimate challenge to become the most resourceful. Compete for your materials, design your structure, and build the optimum shelter paramount for survival!

#5 Multi-activity day

Can’t choose between our top summer team building activities? Our multi-activity days are the perfect solution. Our multi activity days offer great flexibility, as we can provide a broad range of team building events to suit your participants, and tailor these to suit your business objectives, venue and budget.

#4 Country Pursuits

A huge range of fantastic outdoor activities that combine popular outdoor field sports alongside motorised activities to create a thrilling experience – from air rifle target shooting to quad biking to falconry.

#3 Company Fun Day

Our company fun day can be as big or as small as you need, and we will organise and run the entire event – leaving you free to enjoy the day and mingle with your guests. More importantly we fully understand that each company is unique and has different objectives which we aim to fulfil making the best use of locations and budget.

#2 Crystal Challenge

Inspired by the iconic TV show, the Crystal Challenge is the ultimate team building activity that requires mental and physical ability to succeed and earn as many crystals as possible to trade for time in the crystal dome!

#1 It’s A Knock Out

The king of our top summer team building activities. Our It’s A Knockout games are designed to challenge a team’s range of skills through a series of physical and mental games, sometimes both, as well as perhaps the most essential ingredient of all – a team’s ability to work as a unit and face the challenge!

We hope you have enjoyed our top summer team building activities countdown! If you love the idea of any of these events and like to learn more about what is included please enquire here or check out our full range of outdoor team building activities for this summer!

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