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10 Creative Team Building Activities that won’t make you roll your eyes

“Not another team building activity…” – whether it is a bad experience or just the idea of embarrassing themselves in front of their peers, the idea of creative team building activities can put a bad taste in some employees’ mouths.

It’s safe to say that we have learnt from the mistakes of our predecessors and turned the game around from cringe worthy into something that’s fun worthy! Instead of events bearing terrible corporate labels such as “team cohesion” or “Moral Boosting”, it’s now pitched in creative and fascinating ways such as recognition events and incentive days that have your team working on all those juicy buzzwords without even realising it! That’s where the real magic lies.

With that in mind, we have found the best ways to draw out the best in people and give a team a day to remember! We are sharing some of those brilliant creative team building activities right here to help kick the old stigma of ‘Team Building Activities’ to the curb with some good old-fashioned fun and games.


Creative Team Building Activities | Soapbox Derby

1. Soapbox Derby – Time to get your teams thinking caps on in this creative team building activity, not only is it about earning points for the best design from your limited resources but also the most aerodynamic model to get you through the heats!


Creative Team Building Activities | Chocolate Workshop

2. Chocolate Workshop – Get your team’s taste buds working as they work together to create chocolate masterpieces in this hands-on event. Working from scratch to produce a variety of wonderful chocolates, of course, tasting is required to get the right perfect flavour.


Creative Team Building Activities | Ice Carving

3. Ice Carving – Hone your sculpting skills in this unique event that will see your team split into small groups to work on creating the perfect ice sculpture of this own design! From a vodka luge to a polar bear, this event is a cool one.


Creative Team Building Activities | Ready Steady Bake

4. Ready, Steady, Bake – Just like the best of British cookery shows, there are a huge range of challenge available to test your team’s culinary skills whether that is baking, cooking, pan searing, icing, flambéing or beyond! Your team will be on point to be the next Mary Berry or Heston in no time.


Creative Team Building Activities | Bigger Picture

5. Bigger Picture – Nothing says ‘artistic license’ like our bigger picture event. Your team members will be assigned roles; observers, who view the complete piece of art and then have to communicate this to their team as effectively as possible to their artists who will recreate the masterpiece.


Creative Team Building Activities | Cocktail Masterclass

6. Cocktail Masterclass – Learn from our best mixologists and create some delicious cocktails with their expert guidance. When you are feeling brave enough, let your creative juices flow and create your own signature cocktail!


Creative Team Building Activities | Castaway

7. Castaway – This event will have your team working as a unit to create the ideal shelter and earn resources to help them survive the final test. From axe throwing and archery to fire making and mascot whittling your team will be tested in a multitude of skills all while creating the perfect shelter of their own design before our ‘tropical storm’ hits…


Creative Team Building Activities | Animate and Create

8. Animate and Create – Nothing says ‘creative team building activities’ like our Animate and Create event. Working as small groups your team will work on a class Claymation or Lego stop motion short film under the guidance of our professionals, leaving you with a great takeaway at the end of the day.


Creative Team Building Activities | Crime Scene Investigation

9. Crime Scene Investigation – Don your crime scene jumpsuits as you join us in this modern murder mystery team building activity where your team will have to get creative and learn the skills of the trade. From ballistics to blood splatter and DNA analysis your team will feel like a true CSI team.


Creative Team Building Activities | Lights Camera Action

10. Lights, Camera, Action – Put your team on centre stage as they produce their own short films with all the props and costumes you could ask for combined with our specially modified iPads with the best camera kit for easy use and great quality.


Creative team building activities don’t have to be an eye-rolling scenario, we hope these examples just prove that with a little creativity, you can package up a team building activity in a fun and exciting way that will excite and delight your team!

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